AV Installation Engineer

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AV Installation Engineer

There’s always a need for the latest and greatest in broadcast, streaming, communication, and recording technologies. When a client or customer needs a new piece of equipment, it’s the AV Installation Engineer who will most likely rise to the call. Here’s what you can expect from a career as an AV Installation Engineer.

Job Description & Responsibilities

The work of an AV Installation Engineer isn’t all that difficult to understand. Simply put, they help install audio-visual technologies, including sound systems, lighting setups, control systems, and other hardware essential for broadcasting and recording. They may also carry out the work of cabling technicians, including the running of cables and wiring layouts.

The work of the AV installation engineer depends on the role that they play. Some work to install complete AV setups across different broadcast locations. Others may specialize in installing certain pieces of equipment for different clients. Regardless, here are some of the duties they are likely to run into:

  • Installing, integrating, and configuring AV technologies to meet project needs.
  • Leading a team of other AV engineers in ensuring high-quality broadcasting.
  • Cable running and management, fitting trays, trunking, and baskets
  • Assessment and management of the site to ensure the safety and effectiveness of AV equipment
  • Assisting in acclimating AV setup to any changes in needs or circumstance

Qualifications & Skills

An AV Installation Engineer isn’t required to have any education beyond a high school diploma. However, those who do have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in any related field of study are likely to find easier to find work opportunities. This can include any kind of engineering, multimedia production, or video technician course that helps them understand the operation of the technologies they work with.

The understanding of those technologies is paramount. AV Installation Engineers are expected to stay up to date with audiovisual trends and to thoroughly understand the equipment that they will be working with. The following skills are also widely sought after for cabling technicians:

  • Ability to manage installations to completion on time and to required quality levels.
  • Soldering, crimping and terminating skills.
  • Troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent communication and delegation skills with junior AV technicians.
  • Knowledge of control systems, such as Crestron and AMX
  • Experience with a variety of AV equipment
Qualifications & Skills


At Field Engineer, we help partner qualified AV installation engineers with the opportunities that best fit their skills. As such, we encourage all professionals to ensure they include their certifications in the resumes. The following certifications can help show the expertise with cabling, control systems, and other AV technologies that can help you find even more work opportunities:

  • Installation Microdentials
  • CTS
  • Crestron
  • Extron
  • Bright Sign
  • Biamp

Job Outlook

From 2016 to 2026, we can expect to see job growth levels of around 8% in all fields related to audio visual technicians, which includes installation engineers, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Broadcast media is a widespread part of companies and organizations of all sizes and shapes. It’s only natural they will continue to need more specialists to help ensure their multimedia projects run smoothly.

AV installation engineers can work in a variety of different environments. In many cases, they work internally with an AV team, preparing different corporate sites for multimedia broadcasts, communications, and recordings. In other cases, they may work with manufacturers and suppliers of AV equipment, helping to install them for clients and customers.

There are also freelance installation engineers who lend their expertise with different audio, visual, lighting, and control hardware to clients of different types. This might include working with smaller organizations like schools and churches when they have their own AV needs.

Pay Scale

The average annual earnings for an AV Installation Engineer is around the $43k mark, according to PayScale. As you grow more experienced and earn more certifications, however, you could make as much as $59k a year.

As such, freelance AV installation engineers charge an average of $17.83 per hour. Again, rates can vary depending on demand and experience, anywhere from $11.15 to $34.52 for those in highest demand.

If you want to see how much you truly stand to make, and what other job opportunities besides AV Installation Engineer might match your skills, Field Engineer can help you do just that. Our world-spanning, on-demand engineering marketplace connects thousands of technicians with the roles best suited to them. Simply Signup and upload your resume and our system automatically shows you the jobs most related to your education, skills, work history, and certifications.

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