Cabling Engineer

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What is a Cabling Engineer?

If you’re starting out as a Cabling Engineer, you’re probably keen to begin your career and start working. However, it’s worth learning more about the role and what you can expect when going down this career path. That way, you can understand that lies ahead and how to plan for success.

Cabling engineers work for all kinds of companies to ensure high standards and proficiency. Without them, companies would be unable to complete vital work on projects, and they’re in demand more than ever before as companies embrace new technologies.

Job Description & Responsibilities

This Cabling Engineer job Description will give you a better idea of what the job involves. Generally speaking, cabling engineers install and inspect cabling system infrastructure. It’s their job to ensure quality, productivity and the general satisfaction of customers.

There are also a lot of Cabling Engineer responsibilities that you should know about. For example, it’s their responsibility to increase efficiency, implement new technology, ensure cable industry standards are met and to assist with maintaining quality assurance. Safety is another major factor that has to be taken seriously.

Required Qualifications & Skills

If you want to start out in a career as a cabling engineer, it’s important to have the right qualifications. Most of the companies hiring cabling engineers will expect at least a bachelor's degree in a relevant field, such as mechanical engineering.

On top of that, you will also need to have the correct Cabling Engineer Skills. Most importantly, you’ll need to have an understanding of basic engineering concepts and computer science ideas, as well as a familiarity with key platforms and software that’ll be used as part of the job.

Helpful Certifications

There are a few training courses that you can take that’ll help you to achieve a greater understanding of what’s involved in cabling engineering. You’ll learn skills and gain a certification that’ll make it clear to all employers that you know what you’re doing.

The two best-recognized certifications for cabling engineers are the Information Technology Systems Cable Installation Program Trainer Certification and the BICSI RCDD Certification Cabling Industry training courses. They could be ideal for you and your career.

Future Outlook in this Job

Cabling engineers are not going to fall out of demand anytime soon. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Everyone wants to have a relevant job that will be around for a long time to come and that’s likely to be the case for professional cabling engineers.

The future outlook for you in this career is very positive, and you shouldn’t have any worries about moving into this career. Communications are vital to businesses like never before and the work carried out by cabling engineers is a big part to play in that. That fact should give you confidence as you move into this career.


You can start at around $55,000 per year as an entry-level cabling engineer. But the Cabling Engineer Salary does rise after that and the average salary is around $66,000 per year, with some cabling engineers with experience earning higher amounts of money than that.

How much you earn will depend on your level of experience, your certifications and which qualifications you possess. It’s a reliable income with the chance to progress through the ranks and eventually earn a lot more than you started out earning.

Why Freelancing is a Good Idea

Cabling engineers often turn to freelancing as their main form of working. Cabling Engineer freelance jobs can be found online via a variety of platforms. People like that freelancing as a cabling engineer allows them to have more control over their working life each day.

There are so many benefits associated with freelancing, so it’s worth researching this option and seeing if it’s something that might work for you and your career going forward. There are lots of opportunities out there in this niche for people looking to work on a freelance basis.


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