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ARM Accredited Engineer Certification, Job Description and Salary

The AAE program for ARM certification was launched in 2012 and was a way for ARM engineers to validate their knowledge. Gaining the ARM Accredited Engineer qualification was not necessary to work on ARM projects, but it gave a significant advantage. 

The Definition of ARM Accredited Engineer? 

An ARM Accredited Engineer is part of world-leading experts in ARM technology. Achieving the AAE accreditation allowed developers and engineers to show a high level of expertise in ARM and set themselves apart in the job market. 

What Is ARM?

ARM designs the technology that contributes to the advanced digital products like networking, wireless, automotive, security and storage devices, and consumer entertainment solutions. ARM has a comprehensive product offering that includes graphics processors, video engines, enabling software, embedded memories, development tools, and more. 

How to Become a Certified ARM Accredited Engineer?

In order for candidates to become an ARM accredited engineer, they were required to attend a test center. They required a government ID like a driving license or passport. There was a fee to take the exam. The example had a number of modules that the candidate would need to study in. 

Which Modules Were On The ARM Accredited Engineer?

The AAE was an entry-level qualification and was the first to be launched. The AAE syllabus covered a range of software-related topics that are linked with the ARMv7 architecture. 

This was a more in-depth focus on Cortex-R and Cortex-A profiles than the AAME.

The AAE certification was for embedded software and system developers with a comprehensive knowledge base in ARM tech. 

The syllabus was broken down in the following way:

  • ARM architecture 30% 
  • Software development 30%
  • Software Optimization 15%
  • System 10%
  • Software debug 8%
  • Implementation 7%

Those candidates that took the accreditation between 2012 and 2016 are still accredited, and there is no expiry date on the qualification either. The logo is still permitted to be used on social media profiles too. 

What is an ARM Accredited Engineer?

What is an ARM Accredited Engineer? 

An engineer that took the AAE examination between 2012 and 2016, and passed. Achieving the AAE accreditation meant that engineers and developers could demonstrate a higher level of technical proficiency and expertise in using ARM microcontrollers and micro-processes. By earning the ARM accreditation, they set themselves apart from a highly competitive job market. 

Upon earning the ARM Accredited Engineer certification, it was demonstrated that the candidate had all of the skills required to design and implement the most powerful and advanced microprocessor technology available. 

ARM Accredited Engineer Certifications

Apart from the AAE, ARM Accredited Engineer, there were several other related certifications in the engineering arena. Candidates for the entry-level exam are expected to be familiar with the C+ programming language and can read and understand ARM assembly language code as well as a good grounding in basic software engineering and development skills. 

An AAME accreditation was launched in 2013 and covered ARMv7 and Cortex-M profile. This focused more on microcontrollers, but still required a broad knowledge of ARM technology. 

This syllabus covered:

  • ARM architecture 25%
  • Software development 30%
  • Debug 13%
  • Software Optimization 10%
  • Implementation 7%
  • System startup 5%

There were also a number of related certifications considered for release or released. 

  • ARM Accredited Cortex-A Engineer (AACAE)
  • ARM Accredited Cortex-R Engineer (AACRE)
  • AA Windows on ARM Developer (AAWoAD)
  • AA Linux on ARM Developer (AALoAD)
  • AA Android on ARM Developer (AAAoAD)
  • AA Graphics Specialist (AAGS)
  • AA Security Specialist (AASS)
  • ARM Accredited Cortex-M Engineer (AACME)
  • ARM Accredited SoC Developer (AASoCD)
  • ARM Accredited SoC Specialist (AASoCS)

Why Did The AAE Program End?

Due to the ARM University Relations program having an increasing reach, in 2016, it was decided that the resources or the AAE program would be better spent elsewhere. It is not expected that ARM will run another program that matches AAE. 

The Engineering Job Market 2020

The engineering job market is a vast place, and there are many opportunities to be found in specialists like FieldEngineer. As technology changes, the demands on engineers will change too, and it is predicted that 40% of jobs will all be automated in the future. 

However, Software Developers and Engineers, and certainly those with distinguishing certifications, are likely to be future-proof. 

The need for software developers is growing rapidly within a range of sectors like autonomous vehicles, space, healthcare, and more. The number of connected devices rises every year, giving plenty of opportunities within the job market. 

Here are some of the other in-demand engineering jobs for 2020:

  • Data Science & Machine Learning
  • Automation & Robotics Engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Alternative Energy Engineer
  • Mining Engineer
  • Project Engineer

The AAE qualification can still be used for candidates to stand out when applying for job roles, and still displays a particular level of knowledge from those who have it.

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