Air Magnet Wireless Site Survey Engineer

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Air Magnet Wireless Site Survey Engineer

Wireless networking technology has come a very long way over the last few decades. It takes a range of different professionals to manage the internet connections used by a business, and this field is only getting more complicated as time goes on. Here at Field Engineer, we have the skills and resources to build careers out of WiFi problems and can help you to find your place in this chaotic field.

What is an AirMagnet Wireless Site Survey Engineer?

AirMagnet is a piece of software which is used by networking professionals to plan, implement, and upgrade their wireless networks. Giving you information about many aspects of the signal, it will always take someone with experience to use this tool effectively, with most people quickly finding themselves confused about the UI which is in front of them. An AirMagnet Wireless Site Survey Engineer will have the necessary skills to understand the data they are given, using it to make sure that the system stays secure.

Once a network is up and running, it shouldn’t need to have another engineer look at it until you decide to upgrade or experience issues. Before this point, though, getting the network planned will be a real challenge, putting your knowledge of wireless signals to the test, while also making you think deeply about areas like security. AirMagnet Wireless Site Survey Engineer jobs demand similar skills to other roles which take place in a server room, and it can be helpful to make sure that your knowledge is up to snuff.

What will you Need?

In a lot of cases, employers looking for professionals in the networking industry will be more concerned about seeing your experience than being presented with a qualification. There are loads of different skills you will need to be able to complete your work effectively, and learning them all will take many years.

Hardware: Using a tool like AirMagnet will only be possible if you have a strong knowledge of the equipment which it relates to. There wouldn’t be much point in knowing that a signal is weak if you can't make it stronger.

Security: Along with understanding the hardware you’re using, it is also crucial that you always have protection on the mind. As it goes on, threats to businesses from cybercriminals are only increasing, and wireless networks are very high-risk.

Compliance: Even when a network is only accessible internally, it is crucial that it follows the rules, with governments across the world setting out strict guidelines which dictate the way that this work is handled.

Getting a qualification which will help in a role like this can be a challenge. Any computer science-based course should be plenty to push you in the right direction, as they almost always cover some aspects of the internet. People often find that they can get by without this sort of tool, though.

Finding your AirMagnet Wireless Site Survey Engineer Job

Finding your AirMagnet Wireless Site Survey Engineer Job

Finding a job in an industry like this will hinge upon your ability to show off your skills. Going for regular employment can be a great approach to take, with loads of companies relying heavily on professionals like this to help with their work. You can earn anywhere between $50,000 and $100,000 as an AirMagnet Wireless Site Survey Engineer. This is well above average in the US, while also providing you with job security and the chance to push yourself into better positions over time. It can be hard to find jobs with the opportunity for promotion, nowadays.

Some people won’t like the idea of working for someone else, especially having worked so hard to develop the skills they have. Working as a freelance professional suit the field of networking nicely, though, giving you an alternative which can be far more satisfying. At Field Engineer, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to finding roles like this for professionals who are new to their industry. Our secure system provides security, ease of use, and regular earnings, making it the perfect option for anyone looking to walk this sort of path. Signup now to find freelance opportunities.

As time goes on, wireless networking is only becoming more complicated. The latest WiFi standards are much faster than they used to be, but can’t travel anywhere near as far as their older cousins. This is just one of the many challenges which modern network engineers face, with tools like AirMagnet making it all a lot smoother, and the experience you gain throughout your career making it more accessible in the future.

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