Ekahau Wireless Site Survey Engineer

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Ekahau Wireless Site Survey Engineer

While you can’t see it, data is always surrounding you, nowadays. Wireless signals are found just about everywhere, from bus stops to hotels, and they all serve a unique purpose. This chaos can make the lives of networking engineers extremely difficult, with the number of signals in the air creating a complex mix which is hard to decipher. This is where Ekahau comes in, though it takes a professional of its own to work with a system like this.

What is an Ekahau Wireless Site Survey Engineer?

Ekahau is a piece of software which can run on both Windows and Mac machines. Using information from your wireless adaptor, it can provide an engineer with a considerable amount of data surrounding their signals, making it far easier to make adjustments which will improve it. The information provided by Ekahau isn’t a simple set of instructions, though. Instead, based on a range of metrics, an Ekahau Wireless Site Survey Engineer will make a series of educated guesses to make the wireless network stronger.

As a site survey engineer, much of your role will involve working with existing networks, checking to make sure that they are running as well as they can. Along with this, though, you may also find yourself having to work on new networks, choosing its layout based on testing with Ekahau. It’s easy to start fresh with something like this, though you usually won’t have a choice when you accept your first job.

What is an Ekahau Wireless Site Survey Engineer?

What do you Need?

Working with a system like Ekahau isn’t going to be possible overnight. To start, you’re going to need a strong understanding of networking hardware and practices, with 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wireless networks all being very different to work with. Ekahau Wireless Site Survey Engineer skills also include having an idea of the properties of the materials which buildings are made from, with some letting signals through and others making it very difficult. Developing these skills can be done through a couple of different routes.

Self-Taught: Teaching yourself is hard, and it will take a lot of time, pushing a lot of people away from this idea. There are loads of resources available to help you with this, nowadays, and this can make the process run a lot more smoothly. Of course, if you decide to learn by yourself, you will have to demonstrate your skills to any employers you approach, as you won’t have a qualification to prove your value.

School: A lot of people feel far more comfortable with the idea of going to school than they do with teaching themselves. When you have dedicated teachers helping you out, it will be hard to go down the wrong track with your learning, ultimately resulting in higher quality education. There are loads of courses out there which can teach you about networking, and a lot of them will involve using Ekahau as part of their syllabus.

Getting a Job

With the right skills behind you, you should be feeling ready to start looking for Ekahau Wireless Site Survey Engineer jobs. Working for an employer is a secure way to go, and there are loads of network survey engineer roles available. Positions in this field pay very similarly to other entry-level networking roles, with Ekahau Wireless Site Survey Engineer salaries ranging from $40,000 to $50,000. This is well above the US national average, making it a proper position, especially when you consider the room it has for promotions.

Of course, working for someone else isn’t always the right answer, though. Here at FieldEngineer.com, we’ve dedicated ourselves to supporting businesses and freelancers when it comes to engineer recruitment. Our specialized app enables engineers to find jobs, make applications, and withdraw the money they earn whenever they like, along with providing excellent security. It’s hard to find a better way to get yourself into a freelance Ekahau Wireless Site Survey Engineer job though you will still have to work hard to be successful.

Wireless networking has been booming over the last couple of decades. Removing the need for wires has given technology a lot of freedom, growing out of control in some areas. Rogue signals are often the result of this and can cause chaos for those who are trying to work around them. This has opened the doors to software like Ekahau, in turn creating a field of its own. Networking isn’t going to be going anywhere over the next few decades, and this makes jobs working with it incredibly secure.

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