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The future is wireless – shouldn’t the way you stay employed be too?

At Field Engineer, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the game when it comes to technology and future trends. In an effort to keep up with the changing landscape of an increasingly wireless world, we offer a network of wireless engineer jobs for every project based engineer and company out there.

The Modern Way of Job Hunting


“We have 15,000+ registered candidates. We background check and verify their qualifications so you don’t have to. Plus you can read their reviews, know who you’re hiring. That’s success streamlined”


If you have recently been laid off and/or had the unfortunate task of searching for a new job, you know just how tedious and frustrating it can be. First you have to actually seek out companies that are hiring positions you are qualified for, then you have to fill out an extensive application and submit your resume for review…then you wait. If you even get an interview, there is the long process of interviewing one, two, sometimes even three times before getting an answer back from the company. Oftentimes you don’t even get the position you spent weeks preparing and interviewing for.

As a business, reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates for the position and determining the best fit can be just as tedious for you, ultimately cutting back on profits as you waste time searching for someone to fill a role.

Field Engineer does things differently. Instead of letting you search for the jobs out there that are right for you, we match your profile, resume, qualifications and experience with wireless engineer jobs that fit those conditions, specific to you. If you are a business seeking an engineer for part-time work, we will match the job listing that you post with qualified, experienced potential employees. We take the time-consuming part out of the equation, whichever side you are on.

By using something called Rapid Al Matching software to help you quickly find candidates and open positions that are a good fit, we ensure customer satisfaction, every time.

To be a wireless engineer you have to be able to be paid wirelessly.

Another way we are improving the system is through features that make paying employees or being paid by employers simple and fast. When you sign up for a Field Engineer profile, you will link a bank account to your Field Engineer profile. Pay your wireless engineer, or be paid if you are that engineer, with the click of a button through Field Engineers secure online financial platform.

International Possibilities

“We’ve empowered businesses to successfully tap into over 15,000+ Network Engineers and Field Technicians in North and South America, Africa, Europe and APAC regions.”

With a network of engineers and companies seeking engineers from all over the world, it’s no wonder we are so successful at helping you complete projects.

Our global network is one of the most innovative, reliable and up to date communities of part-time engineers out there. We provide connections between:

  • Six continents
  • Over 132 countries
  • Over 15 thousand engineers
  • Over 45 businesses

Our easy-to-view and use interface even displays a map of the specific job locations, no matter their location in the world, making it easy to choose a job right for you.

By opening up the opportunities to locate thousands more jobs located internationally, the possibilities quite literally know no borders.

A Management Team with Experience

A Management Team with Experience


“Our mission is identifying hurdles and removing them for businesses”


We are telecom experts, first and foremost. Our desire and passion is to help you navigate the Field Engineer platform and support your long-term success. We are here with you every step of the way, drawing on our own experience in the telecom field to improve on our service.

Field Engineer was built out of a desire to help engineers laid off because of recessionary budget cuts find work and, in doing so, stimulate the engineering economy. Created by telecom veterans, we are committed to maintaining this service for engineers and companies looking for engineers.

We desired to be the best engineering temp agency available and we accomplished it. With innovative tools and a global network, you are getting the best service there is.

Stay on Top of Consumer Demand


“If your in-house team can’t meet sudden demands, no problem.”


As a business, hiring project-based engineers to complete tasks your in-house team cannot complete on time is the best thing you can do to stay on top of demand.

It is not uncommon for new and unplanned projects to emerge that your regular staff simply cannot complete when you need. Instead of pouring time into finding and hiring a full-time staff member to complete said project, also accounting for the fact that it will take hours of paperwork to get them on payroll and into human resources, use Field Engineer and spend far less time and effort.

Businesses can save at least 30% in cost savings overtime when they hire a project-based, part-time employee over a full-time one. When all of the time spent searching for a full-time employee is saved by hiring a part-time one almost instantly, you can stay on top of customer demand and continue to make money while your project is being completed.

This is the future of business. Whether you are a wireless network engineer searching for temporary work to make some extra money or want to make freelance engineering a career while you travel the world, Field Engineer can help you find the right fit.

Still Not Convinced?

Log onto Field Engineer and build your online profile today. Whether you are a business or an individual, start to see how affective and profitable you can be when you use the Field Engineer platform. With a huge online collection of wireless engineering jobs for every wireless network engineer out there, you won’t be disappointed.

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