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Finding Telecom Engineer Jobs Can Be Easy With Field Engineer

Searching and applying for telecom engineer jobs can be overwhelming. Even though the introduction of the Internet made everything from searching for jobs to editing and sending out your resume easier, it seems that there has never been a painless way to job hunt. Until now.

Made by Telecom Engineers, for Telecom Engineers

Founders of Field Engineer saw that the recession was hitting engineers especially hard. It seemed everyone they talked to was being laid off because of recessionary budget cuts and struggling to find engineering work.

As a solution to this, they created Field Engineer, an online platform and network of engineers looking for project-based work and companies looking to hire these project-based employees. By creating a community and opening up the lines of communication within a niche of engineering and telecom professionals, thousands found work easily.

Field Engineer provides direct and available access to lucrative, skill-building opportunities for telecom professionals, filling a gap amongst out-of-work engineers.

Why wait until another full-time position comes along to continue making money? With Field Engineer, new telecom engineer jobs open up daily, creating possibilities to grow your resume and your bank account each day. Freelance engineering never sounded more appealing.

Today, many out of work engineers use Field Engineer while they are in-between jobs but many more also use it to make extra money on the side of their full-time job. Others use it to take the opportunity to work remotely, earning a steady income from exotic corners of the world.

Since the system was created by engineers, you know it is designed to be efficient, easy-to-navigate and reliable.

How Easy-to-Navigate and Reliable are we Talking?

Field Engineers platform has features that are rarely seen on other recruitment sites.

The platform is simple: fill out your professional or business’ profile and link it to a bank or PayPal account through which you will be paid. Start browsing potential applicants or job listings and apply for as few or as many as you’d like. After opening lines of communication with other members, the engineer’s progress can be tracked in real-time and completed projects can be funded almost instantly.

A map displays where jobs or potential applicants are located and alerts can be set up to let you know when a new job is added or a new applicant that may be qualified has become available.

Here’s where the system gets really smart.

A specialized Field Engineer tool matches job postings with applicants that may be qualified. By scanning job descriptions and comparing them to resumes and qualifications of engineers, the system will make sure that the members that are most relevant to you are front-and-center. Never miss a job you would be perfect for or the perfect telecommunications employee again. This takes the tedious part of searching through hundreds of job listings or resumes out of your hands. Simply log on, find the most relevant matches and start communicating in just minutes.

Check out just how easy Field Engineer is now.

Global Interface Means The Most Options For you

The beauty of Field Engineer is that it spans internationally. Engineers and businesses can be found on more than one hundred and thirty two countries.

This means that no matter where you are in the world, you can be connected with telecommunication engineering jobs or telecommunication professionals instantly. This online interface opens up doors that were previously not even considered and certainly not available. As the digital world only continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important to stay ahead of the competition, technologically speaking.

Telecommunication engineering jobs can be located on almost every continent with concentrations in all developed countries as well as less developed areas of Southeast Asia, South America and Africa.

Seize the opportunity to work on your own schedule, anywhere in the world with Field Engineer.

Read what real Field Engineer customers had to say about why they loved the service so much:


“Field Engineer is really a nice platform to get the freelance field engineer projects. It is very easy to report the hours that you work and get paid. Much needed platform for all field engineers to find the work and get paid quickly. My experience has been awesome so far. The best part if that you can work onsite or remotely, so geographical boundaries are no more of concerns.”

Anand, Johannesburg


“Love the site, very easy to use. Easy to register, find onsite or remote projects and get paid fast.”

Michael, Kentucky, USA


“ is one of the best platforms for engineers who are looking for more project work. Payment is received once project work is approved, it is easy and quick. –

Sammy, Texas, USA


“Great site, within a short time I was able to find projects and get paid. An abundance of projects to choose from and registration was quick and easy. Fairly straight forward to find & apply projects and log time through the mobile app.”

Stephen, Texas, USA


Field Engineer even has a mobile application, so there is really no excuse not to try it out today. Get notified anywhere in the world with cellular data or Internet if a member has opened up a job or is qualified for your project.

As a business, using Field Engineer is a no-brainer. Save money and time hiring a project-based engineer versus a full-time employee, Field Engineer charges no fee for businesses and even includes tools to delegate and automate project management.

We don’t just want to make money; we want YOU to make money the fast, easy, modern way. Finding and listing telecom engineer jobs doesn’t have to be a tedious, frustrating task. With Field Engineer it won’t be.

Read what real Field Engineers users had to say about the service:
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