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At any age, any point in your career and anywhere in the world, you can find yourself searching for a new way to make a living. Whether due to budget cuts, recessionary layoffs or just a desire for a more flexible way of living, project based work for engineers can be a great way to make the money you want. At Field Engineer, we have created a new way of searching for jobs. Our field engineering community of engineers and companies seeks to help keep engineers employed and making a steady income.

We have compiled a list of the top reasons that signing up for Field Engineer will change the way you work and search for new jobs.

Top Ways That Field Engineer Can Change The Way you See Working

  • Be a part of a community

The field engineering community is more than just a massive collection of miscellaneous people and companies blindly seeking employment. The Field Engineer difference lies in a community of professionals that are committed to producing good work and companies that see why hiring project-based employees is so beneficial to their business. No one that is a part of the Field Engineer community is here out of desperation; they want to be a part of a great service and a network of like-minded people.

  • Streamlined job searching

Whether you are a part time engineer or a company looking for an engineer, Field Engineer streamlines your work and makes it easier for you to get what you are looking for. An easy-to-use interface allows you to search through hundreds of job listings or potential employees almost instantly while specialized features make the platform safe and effective; no more digging through resumes and postings for the perfect one. We make each step of the process both easy and fast.

  • Speaking of safe…

Before any employee is allowed to complete their online profile and resume, they must first pass a comprehensive background check to clear them of any felonies and drug charges. We’ve all been there, searching Internet job listing sites or Craigslist advertisements wondering just how much you can trust what you’re viewing. Browse Field Engineer applicants with confidence knowing that each of our potential employees has been cleared and validated by our system.

  • A smarter platform

With our Rapid Al Matching software, we will connect you with field engineering jobs and potential employees that meet the requirements you’re looking for. Instead of digging through hundreds of listings and applications, let our system find and present your best matches to you.

A better business option
  • A better business option

Hiring part-time, project-based work can seem daunting. When faced with the decision of hiring a brand new full-time employee or continually hiring project-based work, many companies may choose the first option and overlook even the possibility of field engineering jobs. However, the benefits of hiring project-based employees and the ease that Field Engineer allows you to search for potential hires makes the process that much easier and cost effective.

On average, businesses save thirty percent when they hire a project-based employee versus a full-time employee. This savings comes from saving on things such as employment packages, paying for downtime inefficiencies and overtime hours. Similarly, you save time by avoiding the need to search through resumes, schedule and perform interviews and determine a good fit for the position. With Field Engineer, we match the best possible people to your job listing and hiring is almost instantaneous. If you don’t like their work, never hire them again. If you do, you can keep hiring them for repeat projects. It’s a no brainer for both parties involved.

6) Better business done efficiently…

…with features such as a Real Time Engineer Tracking system that allows you to watch the progress of your hires. If you notice they aren’t performing, send them a message or cancel the request and hire someone new. Know exactly when your project will be submitted and when it actually is. Our Al Work Order Management tool is another effective way to manage administrative tasks. Another way we encourage businesses to use Field Engineer is with no business recruitment tools.

7) A mobile interface

In today’s world, a large percentage of Internet searching is done on a mobile device. Whether while waiting for a bus or car, waiting for your dinner to heat up or having your cup of coffee in the morning, there are plenty of times that we all turn to our mobile devices. Having job listings and applicants at the push of a button on your mobile device will help you stay up-to-date and ahead of your competition.

With options to download on both an Android and an iOS device, we can accommodate anyone, keeping everyone informed.

  • A global network

“Digital Growth is everywhere. So are we.”

This is perhaps the best part of Field Engineer and the reason that it makes such a difference in employer and employee’s lives.

Before the Internet, searching for jobs was a long, tedious process that could take months. Even today, after the implementation of the Internet, searching for jobs, applying for them and physically interviewing is an incredibly long process. By connecting you with companies and employees from almost every continent, in over 132 countries across the world, you can be sure you are getting a wide range of options!

Our international presence allows you to apply for and carry out work overseas that you previously may not have had access to, and never at these speeds.

So there you have just six of the best reasons to use Field Engineer to search for project-based work or project-based engineers today. Use our simple field engineering platform to browse and carry out several jobs at once, being more efficient for business and, ultimately, making more money for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed by our service.

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