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5 Ways Field Engineer Makes Finding Engineering Technology Jobs Easy

To be an engineer, you have to be extremely intelligent, hard working and practical. Many engineers spend years going to school mastering some of the most difficult subjects out there. If engineers are so smart, why is there not a more practical way to search for project based engineering technology jobs? Or maybe there is. At Field Engineer, we understand the difficulties associated with searching for project-based engineer work and have created a platform with solutions to these hurdles.

Check out the ways Field Engineer is changing the game online now!

Field Engineer was created in order to help out-of-work engineers make ends meet doing temporary, part-time work while they searched for a full-time position. Today, Field Engineer spans over 132 countries and 6 continents and has over 15,000 engineers, worldwide, enrolled and searching for engineering technology jobs.
With such great success, we must be doing something right! Here are just 5 of the many reasons Field Engineer can change the way you search for engineering technology jobs forever.

1. Field Engineer is the of Quality Engineer Jobs

While there are plenty of online recruitment sites, finding the right job for you can take tons of effort and searching, sometimes still not ending up being the right job for you. At Field Engineer, specialized software actually ensures that you see the jobs that best fit your qualifications and experience. By matching job descriptions with relevant potential applicants, you save ample time and don’t have to waste your effort searching through hundreds of irrelevant job postings.

Saving even more time is a system that pre-verifies your qualifications and skills for your potential employer, meaning you get hired faster!

We also background screen new members for felony and drug charges, ensuring that businesses are receiving only the most trustworthy engineers while saving them time performing the background check themselves.

This is the modern way of job-hunting. Don’t get frustrated and exhausted hunting for, promoting yourself to and interviewing with new employers. Simply apply for any one of our quality engineer jobs with the click of a button and wait for the go-ahead to start working!

2. Access to a Global Database from Virtually Anywhere

With the Field Engineer app for Android phones or iOS devices, you can check to see if new jobs were posted, new members have enrolled or even if you have been paid from virtually anywhere. Just download the app and get logged into the Field Engineer network, as long as you have cellular data or a wifi signal.

Today, that could mean from almost anywhere! With wifi in even the most remote areas of the work, you could be completing several engineering projects even abroad!

Hungry for a change of scenery? Need a vacation? Want to permanently relocate as an expat for a year? Whatever your reason and wherever you want to go, Field Engineer gives you the flexibility and the accessibility to maintain steady earnings even if you decide “home” has taken on a new meaning.

A global network expands your reach of job opportunities to far beyond what you previously thought possible. With Field Engineer you can be a part of a community of engineers and companies from all over the world, making your options infinitely larger.

3. Make More Money, Whatever your Reason for Doing So

Though Field Engineer was originally created to help recently let-go engineers maintain an income while searching for another full-time position, there are many reasons that people choose to use the platform today.

As previously mentioned, the concept of working remotely while traveling is an extremely enticing one to people who are constantly seeking change, are on the road with their partner or are still searching for the place they want to call “home”. Working remotely has gained a lot of traction in all professional fields as air travel has become more accessible and affordable and expanding Internet access has allowed remote work to spread internationally.

Recent graduates have found Field Engineer helpful to build their resume as they search for permanent work.
Still others choose to work remotely from home while on maternity leave or sabbatical from their full-time job.

Many people also choose to use Field Engineer to make an additional income. Perhaps a child is off to college soon, you want to grow your saving or you are saving up for a big vacation. Whatever the reason, Field Engineer let’s you take advantage of the “gig” economy and bring in extra cash in all types of situations.

4. Business Done Right

The features of Field Engineer that make it particularly attractive to businesses include real-time tracking of employees, waved fees and background cleared, skill vetted employees that are ready for hire. There are even reviews for employees so you can see how other companies felt about their work.

Hiring a project-based employee actually saves businesses money compared with hiring a full-time employee. Not only will you save effort and time that would otherwise be spent searching for and interviewing a full-time candidate, but businesses actually save money by eliminating employment packages or paying for overtime hours. On average, a business could save 30% or more hiring a project-based employee from Field Engineer.

You can list all kinds of jobs on Field Engineer, whether it be for hands-on technicians, engineering manager jobs or remote project managers, we have the capability to support it all.

5. Short-Term and Long-Term Support

The Field Engineer team is here to assist you every step of the way. We want to help you succeed in using the Field Engineer service as well as long-term for your ultimate success. Our resources are here to help you work as efficiently and effectively as possible. As telecom veterans, we are committed to identifying and solving problems simultaneously, both for our business and for yours.

With Field Engineer, we really do believe that success for us only happens once you have succeeded. Let us help you, give us your feedback and let our system do the hard work for you. We are happy to be there every step of the way as you search for engineering technology jobs, anywhere in the world. Start building your profile today and see how easy part-time job hunting can be.

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