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Looking for Engineering Technician Jobs? Use Our Platform.

Looking for Engineering Technician Jobs?

Searching for engineering technician jobs doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming.

The use of the Internet has exploded over the past ten years; it is hard to do anything today without the introduction of an online platform. Online services streamline business services making them faster and more efficient. An online platform can connect businesses and people internationally, at the click of a button. Mobile online platforms also create a system that is completely accessible, from anywhere.

Partly with that in mind and partly as a result of recessionary layoffs, telecom veterans launched Field Engineer in 2015. Field Engineer helps to boost the economy in the engineer workforce, connecting businesses and project-based engineers anywhere in the world.

The company has flourished since 2015, expanding across almost all continents. By allowing engineers to apply for project-based engineering technician jobs, they have the opportunity to build their resume without being locked down at a full-time position. This benefits the business as well as the engineer.

The Field Engineer Difference

The Field Engineer difference means connecting engineers to a network and a community of project based opportunities and businesses. No one likes being sucked into the exhausting cycle of applying for jobs, waiting to hear back from companies and interviewing for positions. On the other end of the spectrum, reading the applications for thousands of potential hires, spending time interviewing and going through extensive human resources paperwork to add employees to a payroll can be equally exhausting for companies.

The solution is the Field Engineer service, an online platform that connects businesses and engineers instantly, from all over the world. When you create your online profile, you connect your profile with the Field Engineer secure financial account service that allows you to be paid or pay your hires instantly and easily.

No more worrying if a payment has gone through or struggling to connect new employees to your payroll accounts.

By having all of the aspects of job hunting laid out in an easy to navigate platform, you can ensure that you will be on top of each opportunity or potential hire. Manage your projects within the Field Engineer platform and be connected with thousands of companies and engineers at the click of a button. Both real-time engineer tracking of projects and order management automate administrative tasks and keeps you organized and on schedule.

Mobile applications also allow access to Field Engineer services from anywhere.

Download the app today on your iOS or Android device and see for yourself the Field Engineer difference of being connected from anywhere.

How does it Work?

Whether you’re a business looking for engineers or an engineer looking for work, the Field Engineer service is very simply to use.

If you are a business:

First) Sign up and link your profile to any credit card, bank account or PayPal account so you have an account to fund your hires with.

Second) Post a job that is as detailed as possible to get the most relevant hires. Once you have completed a work order, the applications will start coming in.

Third) Carefully examine potential applicants for reviews, their particular skill sets and start communicating with hires and negotiating the terms of the specific project.

Fourth) Real-time tracking of jobs will let you track the progress of your project. Instantly pay your employee once it is completed to your satisfaction.

If you are an engineer:

First) Sign up and fill out your profile for experience, qualifications, references, etc to create the most complete resume for yourself

Second) Start applying for jobs! It’s that easy! Filter jobs based on what you want to be paid or the length of term you want to work for and apply for as many as you want.

Third) Once you are hired for a project, get the work done efficiently and completely based on the requests of your employer.

Fourth) Submit your project, receive feedback (adjust the piece based on feedback if you need to) and wait to be paid!

Whether you are a business or an engineer looking for a field engineer jobs, the platform is simple and easy to use. Set up similar to other online recruitment sites, the layout should be familiar and easy to navigate.

The Fine Print

The Fine Print

Field Engineer has the following features:

  • API Integration, making connecting within the network simple and affective
  • An easy to use, mobile platform on both iOS and Android devices
  • Rapid-Al matching enables skills and potential positions to be matched up appropriately, sorting jobs based on the best fit
  • Cost-effective recruitment tools to ensure there is no fee for businesses to recruit through Field Engineer
  • An international interface that allows employees and employers to be connected from anywhere in the world.

Field Engineer offers connections in the following countries, with the following number of engineers available in each country:

  • Canada: more than 1800
  • America (West Coast): more than 1400
  • America (East Coast): more than 1600
  • South America: more than 1300
  • United Kingdom: more than 1000
  • Europe: more than 2500
  • Russia: more than 500
  • Asia: more than 2000
  • Southeast Asia: more than 50
  • Australia: more than 1000

For a business, Field Engineer can save you, on average, 30% or more. By eliminating expensive employee benefits, the need to pay for time off and other downtime inefficiencies, you can save money and stay on top of demand, having projects completed efficiently and well.

For engineers searching for engineering technician jobs, there is nothing better than Field Engineer. Use the service while you search for a full-time job to continue to have an income and stay sharp on your engineering skills. Use the service simultaneously with your old job to make even more money. Or use Field Engineer as a full-time job, freelancing to maintain the flexibility in your life but still make decent money.

Field Engineer has fulfilled over 2000 orders from over 45 businesses in over 132 countries. Never be nervous to search for or post engineering technician jobs again! With Field Engineer, you get a staffing agency that is specific to the engineering niche, spanning international locations. When you’re ready to see the difference, complete your profile today!

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