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FE was created by telecom veterans who wanted to see engineers go back to work after recessionary layoffs and outsourcing in the industry. In the spirit of the gig economy, FE is direct access to interesting career-building jobs and lucrative opportunities. Enrich your resume, grow your skills and challenge yourself.  Find gigs that better match your skill-set. Use FE to work more independently, anywhere, locally and remotely. Skip over the hunt for jobs, interviews and payments so you can get out there and be great.

How FE works

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Publish your credentials, skill sets and interests world wide.

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get paid

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Top reasons to sign up and succeed with FE:

Type of projects found on FE.

  • CPE Deployment and Test & Turn Up
  • Network Design & Deployment
  • PMP Project Manager
  • VoIP Deployment Services
  • Site Survey & Site Readiness
  • MAC & Break-fix
  • Wi-Fi Site Surveys and Wi-Fi Deployments
  • Annual Maintenance Service
  • Remote Network Engineers
  • Multi-Site Network Deployment

The FE App

Easily search project listings, apply, agree on terms and direct FE where your payments should be deposited or sent.

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If you have further questions about the FE process, we have answers. See detailed responses in our FAQ section here.