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If you’re looking to hire freelance PBX technician, then Field Engineer is the perfect place to start. A telephone system is one of the most crucial aspects of a business, and a PBX technician will take care of it. Their job is to offer maintenance, installation, repair and setup of various voice and computing systems for business. PBX technology is widely used around the world due to how flexible and effective it is. As such, everyone needs a technician to help keep everything ticking over or set the system up correctly.

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By using the Field Engineer platform, you’re able to save time when looking to hire a freelance PBX technician. With our user-friendly platform, it takes a few minutes to post a job listing, and we do the rest. You’ll soon receive applications from high-skilled field engineers with all the requirements to carry out this job. We have over 40,000 registered engineers in over 180+ countries - all of which are thoroughly vetted before they’re allowed to sign up.


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Create your Field Engineer account today, and you will soon be able to post as many job orders as you want. Then, enjoy the benefits our platform provides business clients, such as the ability to track the location of your on-demand PBX technicians and see how many jobs they’ve completed. We even make payment simple too; it’s all done via the platform.

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