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Mustafa Ali


August 4, 2017

What is is a global on-demand field service marketplace connecting telecommunications and service providers to a global pool of skilled field engineers who are available on-demand. Our mission is to build an ecosystem of on-demand technicians and enterprises that deliver a competitive advantage to a business. makes it possible for telecommunications firms to find the engineering talent they need on a flexible basis.

When you require a specialist engineer to complete a project, has more than 40,000 certified and qualified service engineers in over 170 countries, is an easy-to-use global marketplace that can act both as a strategic support function for large-scale firms looking for cost-effective, on-demand global resources, and also serve to enable small- to medium-sized enterprise companies scale up to meet one-off projects or manage growth cycles.

For Telecommunications firms: We are telecoms experts. We’ve filled over 5000 orders for around 45 businesses. Whatever the size of your company, we have talent you can work with. We’ve removed the barriers to finding qualified independent specialist. When you have projects that need to move forward, come to us and we will provide you with vetted, skilled telecommunications engineers in the specialties you require.

You will save at least 30% over full-time hires with expensive benefits, perks and time off. You can stay on budget and on top of customer demand.

For Engineers: Register with us, and you will get more work than ever before, without committing to a given company and a fixed salary. We’re your partner, available to support your success using FE as well as your long-term success. As we are telecom experts, we can help to match you up with businesses that will develop your skills and your value as a specialist. And we protect your privacy with high-grade data security.

How do businesses know the engineers are qualified? runs background checks on all the engineers on its list and verifies their qualifications. That means you don’t have to. You can be confident that every telecom engineers you find on the site are qualified and referenced.

Engineers who have worked for us also get reviewed by their employers. There’s no surer way to get to know them before you consider working with them.

How do I register as an engineer?

On the landing page, click on the SIGN-UP icon located on the header.

Click on the Freelance Engineer link and enter details on the Sign Up page. Log in to the email account provided in Sign Up, and confirm your email.

How do businesses start working with

First, register with Then log in, and click on ‘+’ to add a Job icon (on the header menu).
Fill out a work order: Post a detailed job description, with the dates, and exact tasks to be performed onsite. Please leave contact details and any required qualifications. Engineers in the area will start applying for jobs and you can review their experience. Choose those who seem best suited to your needs, and you can assign them the job – they will soon be off to work. You can be in touch with the engineer through our Messaging platform while he works on the job.


How is the financial side managed?

When businesses create jobs, they must provide the funds necessary. These are held in escrow by until the job is completed to the satisfaction of the business manager. They can track the progress of work via the platform, and when they approve the job, the funds are released.



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