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Oct 24, 2017

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Software Engineering vs Computer Science Salary

Software engineering vs computer science salary? An immortal question, especially if you are interested in both professions. We know many people who are, so there. Let us look into the issue a bit more. The first question, naturally, is: which profession is better for you, in the long run?

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This comes down to your preferences, as ever. Albeit both professions are computer-related, the emphasis is completely different. Therefore, your interests should be taken into account first; then think where you see yourself ten years from now.

Software Engineering vs Computer Science

Software engineering vs computer science at a glance:
Computer Engineering
Computer engineering deals with the computer system. It presents a practical approach to computer development and use, so to speak. Although it focuses on the software, a computer engineer is also required to be familiar with the hardware. Degrees in computer engineering are highly customizable, as programs offered cover a wide range of interests. That is to say, you may choose the ones you are interested in, to propel your profession into the desired direction.
Computer engineering combines electrical engineering and science, with the focus on software-hardware interactions. Some of the most common programs offered in computer engineering include processor interfacing, digital logical design, thermodynamics, power management, solid state physics, and magnetic fields.

Computer Science
Computer science deals with the basic structure of a computer and is more theoretical. Therefore, it is more flexible in terms of specialization, with the emphasis on math and science. As a matter of fact, back in the day when computers were just introduced, the study began in the math department. The branch has since expanded, but the focus remains unchanged. Some of the most common programs offered in computer science include programming, numerical analysis, algorithms and data structures, computer systems principles, the software process, and theory of computers. The main benefit of the vocation is that it offers the freedom of freelance engineering. E.g., programmers often work remotely either from home or local office, which allows them to keep to their desired schedule (more often than not).

Computer Engineer Salary vs Computer Science Salary

What is the average computer engineer salary? And what is the average computer science salary? How do they compare? A rather burning question, and quite frequent at that.
Software Engineering vs Computer Science Salary

Computer Engineer Salary
Computer engineers may expect high salaries. These, of course, depend on their skill set and specialization, as well as on the actual position. Senior positions usually call for a doctoral degree or continued education, but that holds true for all professions.

Freelance engineering, as a relatively new aspect in the field calls for some alterations. Namely, it is often the case that large companies employ computer engineers abroad, as the position is perfect for freelancing, and allows for lower costs both in terms of salary and office rentals.
But, generally speaking, new graduates may hope to get a salary of at least $51,000 per annum. Taking into account they are inexperienced, this is a fairly rewarding starting point.

Computer Scientist Salary
Fresh computer science graduates may expect the minimum salary of $39,000 per annum. This, again, depends on their skill set. Continued education and certification is always an option in the field and it always leads to career advancements. Certification programs are available through professional organizations, software companies, and product and service vendors.

Freelance platform telecom engineers will easily find remote jobs. The offer is rich and – international. Take your time looking through the offer as salaries rise all the time and the demand is so urgent that you may well choose away.
The IT sector has been the fastest growing one in decades, with the trend predicted to continue. It goes without saying that up-to-date knowledge is absolutely essential for all computer-related professionals, as technology evolves rapidly to keep up with the demand.
Keep in mind that freelance engineering is the future and look up to the forthcoming prospects!

Software Engineer Salary
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, median pay for software engineers is $102,280 per annum, with the starting salary being $56,856. In addition, it is expected that the number of software engineering jobs will rise 17% by 2024.

Difference Between Software Engineering and Computer Science

As explained above, the main difference between software engineering and computer science is that software engineering focuses on the software, whereas computer science focuses on the hardware. Both branches require a solid knowledge of hardware, as programmers are expected to be able to implement solutions on top of simply divining them. Both branches study the use of a computer.
Computer Engineering vs. Software Engineering vs. Computer Science
At a glance:
CE: focuses on the computer system design and development and hardware- software interaction. Broadly speaking, it is a mixture of electrical engineering and computer science.
SE: focuses on software and system design, development, testing, and evaluation. It emphasizes on programming and coding more, and less on the hardware.
CS: focuses on the basic structure of a computer. It is highly theoretical and deals with the essence of computers and programming. As such, it has no courses on physics and circuits. The emphasis is on the theory behind programming.
If undecided, best look into the programs offered. Different colleges offer different programs. Compare them and see which ones speak to you. Software engineers mainly deal with the application of engineering processes. They focus on programming and algorithms. Computer scientists deal mostly with hardware interface and software systems. If you are into creating apps and games, the latter is the right choice for you.

Software Engineering vs Computer Science Salary: Conclusion

The question of software engineering vs computer science salary should not be the determining factor when choosing your profession. Both vocations are highly rewarding salary-wise, and rapid developments in the field will further step up the demand. Rather than choosing your future vocation based on median pay, it’s better to focus on your preferences and keep updated with new technologies. This is a certain way to boost your salary.

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