10 Signs Your Team Might Need to Hire Freelancers


Gary McCauley


July 17, 2019

When you are running a successful business, you're bound to be able to tell when things are starting to slide. Most successful businesses owners are acutely aware of the way that their staff work and what makes them tick. However, not many business owners are familiar with managing overwhelmed employees and helping them to move forward with their role in the most efficient way possible.

For example, if a company notices that they are scaling up much quicker than they anticipated that they would be able to, the leader of the business is going to notice if the quality of the work changes. Usually, if you have a team of ten people and you have the work of twenty to do, the quality is not going to be as high. These are the scenarios in which bringing in additional help in the form of freelancers is the best possible solution. Research has proved that freelancers are the future. These freelancers don't replace your workforce, but they can support you until you have an additional team in place to manage the workload. All of this will help your team manage stress, anxiety, and burnout, so you can have employees that work to the best of their ability.

Ten Signs Hiring a Freelancer is the Best Idea

If you have noticed your staff is finding it hard to keep up or suffering from burnout, you need to address it quickly to prevent it from becoming an insurmountable problem. Here are ten signs that you need to bring on a freelancer:

Hire Freelancer

Your Staff are Responsible for Tasks Outside Their Expertise

Work that is given to staff that sits beyond their skillset or ability is going to be poorly done. Freelancers can take the weight of the overspill of work beyond the expertise of your staff and keep your business moving.

You have Overwhelmed Employees

You have not hired robots; you have hired humans. This means that there is a limit to how much they can do before they crumble. Recognizing this is essential, as this is how you can stop the issues from overpowering your business. Employees that feel overwhelmed need help and freelancers can assist your team with managing stress, anxiety, and burnout when they come in to help.

Your Staff are Dealing with Burnout

You treasure and value the staff that you have on your team, which means that it's your responsibility to work out when they're not coping with the workload that you have set. If your business starts to grow beyond your imagination and quickly, your people are going to find it tough to keep up. Freelancers shoulder the workload with your team and stop this burnout from occurring, which is why small business especially benefit from the gig economy.

Overwhelmed Employees

You have Delayed Deadlines

As a business, you have deadlines to meet if you hope to have happy clients. Your staff cannot meet those deadlines when they are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and unhappy with a sheer lack of support. Take the time to call in the back-up freelancers and allow them to assist your exhausted employees. This will create a balance and will enable you to meet deadlines in advance rather than missing them.

Your Business is Suffering

When your business is booming and is growing at an exciting rate, you need to have employees to keep it that way. As your business has expanded, you want to be able to keep up with it and make sure that you can ride your success to the stars. An exhausted and burned out workforce isn't going to manage this and make it happen for you. Freelancers, on the other hand, offer you a support system that enables your staff to feel supported and refreshed in their job.

Clinet Deadlines

Your Staff Shouldn't - Even When They Can

Freelancers work on a project and temporary basis if you need them to do so. This means that you can stop pulling your staff away from their actual work to put them onto tasks that they are not trained for, and utilize the expertise of the freelancers, instead. You want your hired staff to accomplish the goals that you always had in mind for them, and this is how a freelancer can help. This on-demand support is precisely how enterprise sized businesses are utilizing freelancers for their growth potential.

Mistakes are Being Made

You have to make a little room for error when you have a permanent team working with you. Everyone will always pull their weight and do their best, but when anxiety and burnout creep in, it makes it far harder for your staff not to make mistakes. Overworked staff easily make mistakes, and freelancers can prevent them from feeling overworked in the first place, creating a much-needed balance.

There's No More Time for Your Clients

Your staff may each have a client that they are working with, but they can't keep taking on more and more clients to manage. Freelancers, on the other hand, can help you to manage your long-term clients while your employees are busy developing the business and bringing in new people from cold or warm leads.

You're Doing Busywork

As a business owner, there will be times where you will get stuck picking up the slack of the busywork that you would typically hire in for; your team, however, are all busy on the other tasks that you set for them. You don't have to like answering the phones or doing admin busywork, so when you find yourself doing it, hire a freelancer to take over. Contracting out the work that you don't want to do is far better than feeling like you are wasting your time.

Golden Clients are Interested

Every business owner has a client or two with whom they are desperate to work. If you are actively turning away these kinds of clients, then this is a problem. Bringing on a freelancer to work with the clients you've had for some time can allow you to work with new clients that you have been trying to hook in for some time.

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