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Engineering: Your Chance for a High Paying Entry Level Jobs?


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October 24, 2017

High Paying Entry Level Jobs

In every industry, high paying entry level jobs are always in demand, for obvious reasons. Contrary to common belief, high paying entry level jobs are not necessarily difficult to find. Naturally, it’s all about the supply and demand – the more sought out your skill set, the better the salary can be. Entry level Engineering jobs, for example, offer some of the highest starting salaries across any industry.

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High Paying Careers: Engineering, IT & Graphic Design

There are a multitude of high paying entry level jobs. The good news is that they cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. However, let’s start by taking a look at the main industries and the careers that provide high entry level salaries: Engineering, IT and Graphic Design.

  • Field Engineer

This is one of the highest entry level engineer jobs with a median base pay of $69,530. Field engineers spend their time outside, in the field, and deal with designing and construction of various structures. This is a mobile job and, as such, highly customizable. It is suitable for freelancers as well as regular contractors, as the demand is huge, due to a labor shortage. In short, if you like engineering jobs and flexibility, this is a good fit. As a Field Engineer, you get to choose which jobs you want to take, while receiving a great salary. Field Engineers either get paid per project or on a regular salaried basis.

  • Software Engineer

Software engineering is a great option for high paying entry level engineering jobs, especially since software engineers are always in demand. With the entire world plugging in globally, it is an unsurprising increase. Looking at future supply and demand, software engineers are predicted to have very stable careers. The job is highly customizable, as there are many branches to choose from. The median base pay for the job is around $86,391. Software engineers work with product owners, programmers, QA, designers, and other departments, in order to deliver industry-leading solutions. Larger companies employ a network of software engineers, many of whom work remotely. Software Engineers are the perfect example of freelance engineering, since their skills are all transferrable via technology. These entry level engineering jobs are ideal for professionals who prefer working from home.

  • Network Engineer

Network Engineers are the epitome of “customizable” since their job responsibilities can vary so extensively. Network engineers work with computer networks and IT systems. In smaller companies, there is usually only one network engineer handling the network. For larger companies, engineers are connected globally and work with a large network of employees. The median network engineer salary is $60,688, making this a position a great option for those seeking high paying entry level engineer jobs. In order to become a Network Engineers, a bachelor’s degree in any computer-related field is required.

  • Graphic Designer

The median graphic design salary is about $43,550. Graphic designers create visually appealing design solutions for a variety of clients. This is an ideal job for freelancers, since their skills transcend their physical location. On top of being well paid, as freelancers become more experienced and well known, their growth potential increases dramatically as more opportunities for freelance work become available internationally. Talented artists are always needed, hard work and creativity does pay off in this industry.

High Paying Entry Level Jobs: Finance and Customer Support

Highest paying entry level jobs, as a rule, deal with considerable turnovers. What generates revenue is customers, so finding and keeping them is a highly valued skill. No surprises, then, that a large number of high paying entry level jobs are related to customer support, human resources, and finance.

  • Sales Representative

Good, classic sales representatives have been immortalized. The job might have evolved as to embrace new technologies, but fundamentally, the responsibilities are the same. Money drives businesses, so individuals who are capable of presenting the product to a wide audience and increasing revenue are priceless. The median salary for sales representatives is about $46,800. With an additional skillset, such as, digital marketing or communication, sales representatives can earn much more.

  • Customer Service Representative

Business is all about customers, so skilled customer service representatives are an invaluable asset. Additionally, customer service representatives are among the most sought out jobs, since the role has transformed to be more meaningful than standing behind a counter or answering the phone. Customer service representatives take care of all kinds of interactions, respond to customer complaints, provide info on products and services, take orders, deal with returns and refunds, and maintain contact with clients. The standard customer service representative salary is $54,177.

  • Marketing Associate

Marketing associates work within a marketing department. Marketing Associates handle various tasks, including, but not limited to, budget tracking, project management, business analysis, event planning, product branding, team projects, and so on. The median marketing associate salary is $48,571.

  • Financial Analyst

Financial analysts deal with all kinds of finances. Financial analysts are employed by banks, insurance companies, pension funds, and similar businesses. Their responsibilities include the analysis of investments and make appropriate financial decisions. There are two types of business analysts: those who deal with individual investments and those who deal with business investments. The standard financial analyst salary is $62,277.

  • HR Coordinator

Human Resources (HR) coordinators provide vital administrative support to the Human Resources team. The larger the company, the more HR coordinators. Entry-level responsibilities include maintaining personnel files, assisting with onboarding of (new hires, event planning, responding to employee requests, answering questions, explaining company policies, and making sure the emplyees are happy and company is running smoothly). The median HR Coordinator salary is $45,860.

  • Paralegal

Paralegals are recognized by the law to perform legal paperwork typically required by attorney. These employees are responsible for adhering to high professional and ethical standards. Paralegal job responsibilities include assisting with legal research and presentations, client interviews, drafting legal documents, and law office administration. The median paralegal salary is $47,787.

Key Factor of High Paying Entry Level Jobs

High paying entry level engineering jobs and customer service positions are not that difficult to come by, seeing as they cover diverse skill sets. Naturally, specific industries such as engineering, law and finance will provide higher salaries and allow employees to earn more in the long run, but that also depends on the demand.

The key factor to keep in mind here is that markets are shifting to a more convenient way of doing business – online outsourcing. This gives businesses new hiring opportunities to have their needs met. Working online as a freelancer gives individuals greater flexibility on their work environment along with the confidence that high paying jobs can always be found wherever you are. Contingent employees have become the next workforce generation. Freelance is a new trend that pays well.

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