Engineering: Your chance for a high paying entry level jobs?

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Oct 24, 2017

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High Paying Entry Level Jobs

High paying entry level jobs are always in demand, and we believe there’s no need to elaborate on this. Contrary to common belief, they are not necessarily difficult to find. Naturally, it’s all about the demand – the more sought out your skill set, the better the offer. Engineering jobs, for example, are one of the best examples.

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Entry Level Jobs That Pay Well: IT and Engineering

There is a number of entry level jobs that pay well. The good news is that they cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Let’s take a look at engineering and IT jobs first.

    • Field Engineer

Median base pay for the job is ca. $69,530. Field engineers spend their time outside, in the field, and deal with designing and construction of various structures. This is a mobile job and, as such, highly customizable. It is suitable for freelancers as well as regular contractors, as the demand is huge and labor shortage more than obvious. In short, if you like engineering jobs, you will both get to choose only those that cater to your taste and receive a fairly good salary – per project or on a regular basis.

    • Software Engineer

Software engineers are always in demand. With the world plugging in globally, it is only understandable. The job is highly customizable, as there are many branches to choose from. Median base pay for the job is ca. $86,391. Software engineers work with product owners, programmers, QA, designers, and so on, in order to deliver industry-leading solutions. Larger companies employ a network of software engineers, many of whom work remotely. A perfect freelance engineering job for professionals who prefer working from home.

    • Network Engineer

If the word “customizable” is to be employed anywhere, it is in relation to network engineers. Network engineers work with computer networks and IT systems. In smaller companies, there is usually only one network engineer. In larger ones, engineers are connected globally. Median base pay for the job is ca. $60,688, and the prerequisites – a bachelor’s degree in any computer-related field.

    • Graphic Designer

Median base pay for the job is ca. $43,550. Graphic designers create visually pleasing design solutions. This is another suitable job for freelancers, as the location doesn’t matter in the slightest. On top of being well paid, the job creates many opportunities for growth internationally. Namely, talented artists are always needed and gladly kept. Creativity does pay off.

Highest Paying Entry Level Jobs: Finance and Customer Support

Highest paying entry level jobs, as a rule, deal with considerable turnovers. What generates revenue is customers, so finding and keeping them is a highly valued skill. No surprises, then, that a large number of high paying entry level jobs is related to customer support, human resources, and finance. Here are some of them.

  • Sales Representative

Good old sales representatives are immortal. The job might have evolved as to embrace new technologies, but money is always money. Hence, talents capable of presenting the product to a wide audience and increasing the revenue are priceless. Median base pay for the job is ca. $46,800. This holds true for the traditional sales representative position. Nowadays, digital communication is all the rage, so if you are skilled in the area, you may well earn much more.

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  • Customer Service Representative

Business is all about customers, so skilled customer service representatives are an invaluable asset – no exceptions. In addition, the position is among the most sought out ones, as the role nowadays includes much more than standing behind a counter or picking up the phone. CS representatives take care of all kinds of interactions, respond to customer complaints, provide info on products and services, take orders, deal with returns and refunds, and keep in touch with clients. Median base pay for the job is ca. $54,177.

  • Marketing Associate

Marketing associates work within a marketing team. They handle various tasks, including, but not limited to, budget tracking, limited project management, business analysis, event organization, brand team projects, and so on. Median base pay for the job is ca. $48,571.

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  • Financial Analyst

Financial analysts deal with all kinds of funds. They are employed by banks, insurance companies, pension funds, and similar businesses. Their task is to analyze investments and make appropriate investment decisions. Basically, there are two types of business analysts: those who deal with individual investments and those who deal with business investments. Median base pay for the job is ca. $62,277.

  • HR Coordinator

HR coordinators provide administrative support to the HR team. The larger the company, the more HR coordinators. Entry-level tasks include maintaining personnel files and all kinds of assistance (new hires, event organization, responding to personnel file requests, answering employees’ questions, explaining company policies, etc.). Median base pay for the job is ca. $45,860.

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  • Paralegal

Paralegals “perform substantive and procedural legal work as authorized by law, which work, in the absence of the paralegal, would be performed by an attorney. Paralegals have knowledge of the law gained through education, or education and work experience, which qualifies them to perform legal work. Paralegals adhere to recognized ethical standards and rules of professional responsibility” (AAfPE). What this complex definition portends is that paralegals assist with legal research and presentations, client interviews, drafting legal documents, and law office administration. Median base pay for the job is ca. $47,787.

High Paying Entry Level Jobs: Conclusion

High paying entry level jobs are not that difficult to come by, seeing as they cover diverse skill sets. Naturally, engineers, law and finance specialist may expect to earn more in the long run, but that, also, depends on the demand.
The key factor to keep in mind here is that markets are shifting to a more convenient way of doing business – online outsourcing. This means the offer will always be able to match the demand, and also – that you will be able to find a high paying job wherever you are. Working remotely and freelance is a new trend that pays well. Make use of it!

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