Cyber Security Challenges


Syed Ali


August 8, 2019

What is cyber security? Effectively, it refers to the different security measures in place to combat cyber threats. We currently face so many cyber security issues in 2020. 

The internet is getting bigger, digital technologies are becoming more advanced, and this leads to more threats. So, cyber security is here to help protect your business from internal/external problems that can cause data leaks and significant financial troubles. 

What are the Challenges Involved in the Cyber World?

The key challenge is that the cyber world has become so vast. Before, most cyber security issues revolved around computers. You’d get a virus, and it needed to be removed. Now, thanks to the Internet of Things(IoT), almost everything has a network connection.

Fridges are connected to the internet, we carry phones in our pockets that are like mini-computers, etc. So, the risk of cyber threats is greater than ever before. 

Plus, criminals are getting smarter. They’re bypassing old security measures - like firewalls - and coming up with new ways to hack into systems. They’re evolving, and cyber security faces a challenge to match this. 

What are the Business Implications with Cyber Risks?

To put it simply; your business will suffer. If someone hacks into your network, they can steal so much precious data. Then, they can use this to steal money, sell on the black market, etc. 

What’s more, things like ransomware can cost you lots of money as well. You’re held at ransom until you pay to remove the virus. 

Lastly, it impacts your reputation as a business when your cyber security gets breached. You don’t seem very professional, and it can hurt you as you try and maintain your customer base. 

How are Telecom Organizations Responding to Rising Cyber Risks?

For one, they’re educating employees. When employees know the risks, they act smarter. This helps limit instances where malware is unwittingly downloaded - or passwords are shared around.

Secondly, they’re upping their security measures. Most telecom organizations have teams of network security engineers working all the time. They monitor the system and keep threats at bay. 

Of course, this raises another issue; the cost of cyber security. Thankfully, this is being managed thanks to the rise in talented freelance engineers. 

How are Freelance Telecom & IT Engineers Solving Cyber Security Risk?

When it comes to cyber security problems and solutions, freelance engineers are here to save the day. The problem is that cyber security is on the rise and it costs a lot to help provide the solutions. Freelance cyber security engineers offer affordable services that can be used on-demand. 

Therefore, organizations don’t need to go to the effort of hiring a team to work on-site permanently. It massively reduces the overall costs. But, it doesn’t impact service quality. 

How are Companies Managing Cyber Risk by Deploying Freelance Engineers?

Basically, companies look for freelance cyber security technicians with cyber security skills. They search for individuals who can help manage their network security or provide audits. The freelancers are deployed to do their work, and cyber security issues are kept at bay. 

The benefit of this is that freelancers get paid by the job, not by the hour. So, companies only have to call upon them when they’re required. Plus, companies can deploy various freelancers to tackle specific things. 

For example, one may audit their network by carrying out ethical hacking. Then, another might provide off-site maintenance to prevent threats. The opportunities are endless!

How Can Field Engineer Help Various Businesses Tackle Cyber Security Issues?

Freelancers are the answer to the main cyber security challenges - but only if they’re good at their jobs. 

This is where Field Engineer’s global platform comes in handy. By providing companies with access to thousands of skilled cyber security specialists, it’s easy to find the right person for the job. Companies can post jobs looking for cyber security specialists, then be met with applications from the most qualified people. 

So, companies and engineers are brought together. It ensures a business is given the tools they need to tackle the biggest cyber security challenge. 

Cyber Risks

The Benefits of Field Engineer When Supporting the Reduction of Cyber Challenges for Businesses

Field Engineer has various features that will help telecom businesses around the world. If you’re looking to reduce the cyber challenges your organization faces, then make the switch today. Here’s how the platform will benefit you: 

  • Identify and connect with the best cybersecurity professionals
  • Deploy cybersecurity experts in different locations around the world
  • On-demand engineers are there to help whenever you need them
  • Manage all of your freelancers in the same place with the easy-to-use dashboard
  • Waste less of your precious time by receiving job applications in minutes

There’s no denying the growing trend of cyber security issues facing telecom companies all over the globe. The best way to combat cyber threats is with the most talented IT and telecom engineers. By using Field Engineer, you will always find the best and most skilled cyber security experts to help protect your organization.

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