Workstation PC Technician

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Workstation PC Technicians provide technical support for staff within an organization on any of the operating systems. They guide employees who provide technical support. Technicians also extend general technical assistance for a wide range of supported applications. They provide service to clients. Technicians also provide support on assigned projects.

They should have excellent verbal and written communication skills and be good at customer service.  

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Workstation PC Technician’s job responsibilities

Workstation PC Technicians should support a robust network for popular operating systems, such as Windows, macOS or Linux. They should be proficient in working with servers and PCs/laptops.

Technicians further must accept delivery of equipment and transport it to wherever it is required within the organization, including to other facilities. They must update the organization’s asset management system to account for transactions, and they must also monitor day-to-day activities, install equipment, communicate with customers relating to the provisioning of equipment, and they must replace components when necessary.

Technicians will have to troubleshoot computer peripherals and network usage, and they must install and maintain PC hardware and software, undertake data recovery and system backups, and independently fix network communication issues.

They have to prepare assets for disposal, manage e-mail administration, monitor disk capacity, and network security, besides other administrative duties.  

Also, technicians have to supervise incoming and outgoing assets. They have to get systems ready for deployment. PC technicians scan existing asset for settings and applications. They will partner with team members to zero in on process improvements. Finally, they have to help other technicians when the necessity arises.  

Future for Workstation PC Technicians

Job opportunities for PC support specialists are estimated to increase 11 percent during the 2016-2026 period, which is higher than the average for all occupations, according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Support services will be in demand because companies will upgrade their PC hardware and software, the government agency adds.

Educational qualifications for Workstation PC Technicians

PC Technicians need to have a high school diploma along with at least two years of experience of PC/laptop support, including deployment, at least two years of experience with fixing and repair of PC hardware, and at least one year experience in interacting with clients directly.

Importantly, they should be prepared for a change in activities or processes.

Salary of a Workstation PC Technician

The average wage of a Workstation PC Technician in the United States is $41,785 per year, according to

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