What is Wintel Engineer?

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What is Wintel Engineer?

When PCs or laptops based on the Intel microprocessor run a Microsoft Windows operating system, we generically refer to such architectures as Wintel. People who work in such environments by supporting users and resolving their issues are Wintel Engineers.

These engineers configure and install all server hardware, including the Windows OS and products procured from third-parties, onto the systems. They build, configure, assess, and recommend hardware and software.

They should possess above average analytical and fixing skills. Engineers own and run an issue with minimal intervention from others ensuring all relevant parties are informed on time.

Moreover, engineers should have excellent written skills because they would have to document their organization’s troubleshooting capabilities. Since this profile involves working in an environment where they operate mission-critical applications, they need to be able to remain calm under pressure.

Job Description

Wintel Engineers install and configure administrative tools of Microsoft, such as MDT, MBAM, SCOM, and others. They also set up, configure, handle, and upgrade Microsoft Windows Server versions, beginning from Server 2003 to Server 2016, in an organization.

These engineers specialize in the network and server administration for UNIX/Linux and LAN/WAN. They are adept at scripting languages like VBScript, BAT, and PowerShell, among others, in addition to VMWare and virtualization technologies.  Engineers must have the ability to deploy firewalls and antivirus applications and perform upgrades of software and hardware. They should demonstrate knowledge of network applications and TCP/IP protocols and possess essential knowledge about networking, such as DNS and IP.

Engineers should install and manage Windows Clustering and Windows Active Directory. They should assist teams when they migrate projects to the cloud.

Field engineers must review logs of events regularly depending on their organization’s/clients’ requirements.

They should possess knowledge of renowned brands equipment and server hardware as well as virus protection software. Engineers will support services of Microsoft Windows Server OS, such as DHCP, DNS, AD, and CA. They should be familiar with Microsoft Office 365 and Disaster Recovery.

They should be conversant with the creation and management of virtual machines and server configurations on networking, clustering DNS, SCCM, SMTP, SCOM, etc. Professionals should assemble and manage DHCP and DNS and fix issues related to them.

For ensuring that engineers meet operational level agreement (OLAs) and service level agreements (SLAs), they should follow relevant IT processes, find solutions to minimize operating costs, improve customer experiences, and must devise processes, methodologies, and documentation to make sure that they are providing high-quality customer support.

They understand and work by adhering to their organization’s/clients’ policies and procedures.

Finally, freelance Wintel Engineers should be familiar with cloud computing.

Future for Wintel Engineers

Wintel Engineers find out from their customers what they require and share it with the IT Wintel Services team. They should also take part in measures to improve efficiency and meet the business needs of an organization. They should have excellent spoken and written communication skills, as their job entails working with various internal departments while also documenting all of their work. All these responsibilities will make them eligible for managerial positions.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs will grow six percent for the computer system and network administrators during 2016-2026.

Educational Qualifications and Other Requirements

Educational Qualifications and Other Requirements

For the position of Wintel Engineers, bachelor’s degree holders in computer sciences or information systems are preferred. If they have Microsoft certification in server administration or MSCE, CompTIA’s Network or CCNA certifications it would be an advantage.

They must know about working within virtualization environments, such as Xen and VMWare, and Microsoft Cluster. Experience of working on Windows Servers (2008/2012) and certification in ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Foundation will be helpful.  

Importantly, they must be willing to work flexible hours and would be required to be mostly on-site.


In a study conducted by Indeed, the average annual salary of a Wintel Engineer is $114,643 in the United States.

How Field Engineer Helps

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What is Wintel Engineer?
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