What is Wintel Engineer?

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What is a Wintel Engineer?

Wintel is a slang word to describe the collaboration between Microsoft Windows and Intel producing personal computers. When computers based on an Intel microprocessor run a Microsoft Windows operating system, we refer to this as a “Wintel”. The people employed by organizations to support users and resolve technical issues within this environment are known as Wintel engineers.

These engineers are able to configure and install all server hardware – including the Windows OS and third-party products – onto the systems. They build, configure, assess, and recommend necessary hardware and software.

Wintel engineers possess above average analytical skills and they are able to navigate issues with minimal assistance from others. They also keep all stakeholders informed and up-to-date in a timely manner. They must possess strong writing skills in order to accurately document their organization’s troubleshooting capabilities with clarity and authority. Given their access to mission-critical applications, a Wintel engineer needs to work well under pressure.

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Wintel Engineer Job Description

The Wintel engineer is an integral part of an organization’s IT team. They perform a variety of functions throughout the day to ensure that all applications are running efficiently. They employ their diverse skills and training to perform each task in a professional way.  

Responsibilities for this job include:

  • Expert knowledge in all Microsoft administrative tools – MDT, MBAM, and SCOM to name a few.
  • Set up, configure, and upgrade Microsoft Windows servers (2003-2016).
  • Provide server administration services for UNIX/LINUX and LAN/WAN.
  • Script languages including: VBScript, BAT, and PowerShell.
  • Deploy firewalls and antivirus applications.
  • Perform upgrades to hardware and software.
  • Utilize knowledge of network applications and TCP/IP protocols.
  • Understand networking like DNS and IP.
  • Install and manage Windows Clustering and Windows Active Directory.
  • Assist teams in migrating projects to the cloud.
  • Review event logs on a regular basis.
  • Access knowledge of brand equipment, server hardware, and anti-virus protection software.
  • Support services for Microsoft Windows Server OS (DHCP, DNS, AD, and CA).
  • Have familiarity with Microsoft Office 360 and Disaster Recovery.
  • Have competency in the creation and management of virtual machines and server configurations on networking, clustering DNS, SCCM, SMTP, SCOM, etc.
  • Assemble, manage, and fix problems related to DHCP and DNS.
  • Follow relevant IT processes, finding solutions that minimize operating costs and improve customer experiences.
  • Devise processes and documentation that ensure high-quality customer support.
  • Adhere to their organization’s policies and procedures.
  • Utilize their understanding of cloud computing.

Wintel Engineer Job Prospects and Salary

Given their skills in problem-solving and customer service, Wintel engineers make excellent candidates for managerial positions as they progress in their careers. This flexibility provides further opportunities as they enter a workforce that demands their skills.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for a Wintel engineer is $109,128. For careers that fall under computer systems and network administrators, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a three percent increase in jobs from 2021-2031, with 333,200 job listings reported in 2021.

Educational Qualifications and Other Requirements

Wintel Engineer Education and Other Requirements

Wintel engineers should hold a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences or information systems. Additional certifications are also highly encouraged as an additional advantage. Some certifications to consider are: Microsoft certification in server administration, CompTIA Network+ and/or CCNA certifications.

Additional knowledge in working within virtualization environments like Xen, VMWare, and Microsoft Cluster are a big plus.

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What is Wintel Engineer?
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