Windows Storage Architect

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Windows Storage Architect

Are you ready to earn a living as a Windows Storage Architect? At FieldEngineer, we have the means to put you in contact with the clients that you want attention from. Our solution is the platform for you to expand your skills and work on the contracts that you want when you want them.


Storage architects have an outstanding job to perform in an organization, as they are the person who builds central database systems. These systems keep the most critical business information in the company, hosting compliance, finance, human resources, and accounting information. Storage architects will use a variety of tools at their disposal and work between those software programs and hardware components to ensure their objectives are complete. Some of the routine duties involve data analysis and determining the right requirements needed to access the data as well as store it. Storage architects will plan and build storage systems, and the whole job requires excellent problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Job Description & Responsibilities

Requirements for a Windows Storage Architect do vary depending on what the need of the employer is, and those who are looking to work as a storage architect will need to have experience in the role to be able to grow into the next. Higher positions will possibly need a master's degree, and communication skills are a must. There also needs to be an aptitude for reasoning skills, with tasks consistent with the level of responsibility. In the main, storage architects will be responsible for:

  • The documenting, design and installation of new data storage systems
  • Cost determination associated with new build projects
  • Evaluating technology solutions
  • Liaising with IT professionals to determine the best storage solutions for a business
  • Assist a company with identifying their storage needs
  • Testing the system as a whole
  • System monitoring for potential issues
  • Oversee changes to the system and ensure they are optimized

As well as these, the Windows Storage Architect will also be required to interpret information in front of them and translate them into a language that non-technical individuals can understand. This requires the individual to have excellent critical and analytical thinking skills, as well as excellent communication skills.

Educational Qualification & Skills

Educational Qualification & Skills

When it comes to hiring a Windows Storage architect, individuals are required to have - at the minimum - a Bachelor's Degree in an area related to computer science. There are very few degree programs out there that focus just on storage architecture, so it's important to study a degree that includes this an element rather than have the entire degree in storage solutions. There are programs in degrees that focus on network devices and systems, and they can provide concentrated training as required for this role.


Professionals need to certify their skills to prove that they can complete the role in which they have been hired. They can do this through passing exams or practical skills tests that will give them an additional boost to their resume. Below, we've got two specific examples of types of storage certification that you can gain to boost your experience and career.

IBM Certified Storage Specialist

IBM is a tech giant, and they offer many professional options for certification. The Spectrum Storage lineup is one that has certification that is becoming more valuable as time goes on. Some courses range from storage, flash, tape, and Storwize, plus various programs that are specific to the project that they are involved in. These certifications serve to provide proof of your knowledge.

HP Enterprise Storage Certifications

As with IBM, HPE is also offering an extensive lineup. The ASE and the Master ASE are all packed with courses that are designed toward the management and design of storage on multiple sites, as well as remote replication and back-up. The certifications also include deduplication and converged infrastructure, so there is an excellent option for those who need to prove how much they know.

Salary Information

In January 2018, reported a median annual salary of $114,929 for Windows Storage Architects in a permanent position. For those who are freelancing, they get the freedom to move around and gather experience from a range of companies on a salary on a much higher pay scale.

Job Outlook & Freelancing

With an estimated 6% job growth for Windows Storage Architects by 2026, it's fair to say that the growth is average compared to other, similar roles in the market. Storage Architects are coveted in a business environment, so there will always be a need for this position, giving anyone in this role a bright future.

Freelancers choose their own hours, decide which contracts they would like to work on and they take on the work that they want when they want it. With Field Engineer on your side, you can have your pick of the pool of Windows Storage Architect roles, with a say over your own future. You are the one in control, and Field Engineer will facilitate what you want for your role.

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Windows Storage Architects are in high demand, with specific skills that are sought-after by clients. As a platform to help freelancers, can assist you with finding the right role that works for you in networking and engineering fields. Sign up now and you will immediately be put in contact with businesses that require your services.

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