A technical support engineer is also known as IT support specialist helps in solving the technical issues that arise internally or externally include software and hardware. They work in a wide range of industries like Telecom, Automobile, Medical, Information Technology, Aerospace, and many more. Technical support engineer job responsibilities changes with different industry for e.g. in telecom industry they must look up for network issues, installations of new hardware, customer care, finding solutions to problems of customers, etc. Mostly 24×7 services have to be provided by them to reach out the targets that’s why technical support engineer salary is very high & attractive.

Technical support engineers are highly skilled in troubleshooting any technical problems they have, addressing to the questions of customers regarding products or services, answering to the calls and E-mails of the customers and solving the problems.

Technical Support Engineer Job Description

A technical support engineer is hired by companies depending upon their profiles. Based on business requirement they should perform enterprise-level support to customers through different channels like web, email, chat, phone and others as needed. Able to research, diagnosis, troubleshoot and resolve the issues and gain the customer satisfaction.

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Main Responsibilities of a Technical Support Engineer

The duties of a technical support engineer will vary depending on the industry whether it’s a product based or serviced based. But the main objective is to gain the customer satisfaction by completing all the fulfillment of the job. The most common factors that include are…

  • Install and configure the computer applications
  • Monitor and maintain the computer networks
  • Maintain good and smooth communication with customers through different channels like web, email, and phone
  • Prioritizing and managing the workflow
  • Troubleshooting, diagnosing, and resolving the issue
  • Maintaining procedural documents and reports
  • Ability to learn and work on changing technologies
  • Respond to customer’s calls, emails and act accordingly regarding issues
  • Establish and maintain good working relationship with customers and other professionals

Education Qualification & Skill Set

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, and IT engineering is required to pursue a career as a technical support engineer in telecommunications or technological industries, while others require an engineering degree in any discipline. But some of the companies hire the people who pursue an associate degree or even no degree but have extensive experience and skill set which includes…

  • Strong communication skills both written and verbal to interact confidently with clients
  • Great analytical and problem-solving skills help in resolving the issue faster
  • Strong troubleshooting, diagnosing skills to resolve technical issues
  • Good knowledge of computer systems, mobiles, and other techs
  • Strong customer focus and technical knowledge of the company products or services

Full-time Technical Support Engineer Salary Versus Freelance Technical Support Engineer

The starting pay for a full-time technical support engineer is $14.29 per hour, but the median salary goes around $21.25 per hour and the highest salary goes around $31.59 per hour.

Freelance technical support engineers are very high in demand and many portals like FieldEngineer.com provide freelance engineers and their pay-scale starts from $23.26 per hour and median goes with $29.16 per hour and the highest goes around $35.41 per hour.

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