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A Wireless Area Network (WAN) Designing is a leadership role that will typically manage a team that supports, monitors, implements and configures internet services for a client. This can include WANs for large corporations, Wi-Fi services for commercial uses or internet services for an office building.

A WAN Design Expert specializes in offering technical networking solutions for businesses that are growing their network infrastructure or are seeking partners to help them develop new methods of providing deliverables to their clients. Due to the complexity of WAN network designs and a company’s reliance on its network infrastructure, a WAN Design Expert shoulders many important responsibilities.

WAN Design Experts need to be willing to put in extra hours and have a strong analytical mind that helps them produce practical solutions to an ever-growing and ever-changing list of needs from the client. A WAN Design Experts skill set should be firmly rooted in IT network infrastructure, but they must also possess excellent written and verbal communication skills that allow them to effectively liaise with their client. Also, they must be able to work under hectic conditions while still maintaining an eye for detail.

What are the Responsibilities of a WAN Design Expert?

The core responsibility of a WAN Design Expert is to listen to their client’s networking needs and adapt them into design specifications which can meet the client’s goals. For clients with no existing networking infrastructure, this could mean designing their solution from scratch. However, it can also mean upgrading and remodeling any current networking hardware and systems that the client is using. This often requires great attention to detail and ability to understand and adapt to the client’s current networking solution.

WAN Design Experts will typically interact with the entire business in order to determine the needs of the company. This means speaking with different departments to figure out their individual needs and combining them into a comprehensive networking solution that benefits everyone working in the organization.

Another responsibility is handling the installation and configuration of new networking equipment. This can mean installing a new server rack, obtaining and installing software licenses on company computers, configuring network interfaces and also preparing maintenance solutions for whoever will be taking over the responsibility of keeping the network stable once the WAN Design Expert has filled their role. This includes writing detailed documentation regarding the network, preparing disaster recovery plans and recommending security processes such as upgrading firewalls and performing regular security audits to keep the system safe.

In short, a WAN Design Expert oversees the design and implementation of a business’s networking solution. From the specific hardware used to compiling documentation that helps the client solve future networking issues, the expert has a lot of responsibility when it comes to assisting a business in scaling its networking demands.

What Education & Certifications are Required For WAN Design Jobs?

What Education & Certifications are Required For WAN Design Jobs?

WAN Design Experts typically possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology or a similar discipline in addition to a certification in CCNA, MCSE or CompTIA Network+. They should also possess extensive knowledge of applications and network troubleshooting and should be fluent in the three main operating systems; Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

It’s also beneficial for WAN Design experts to possess knowledge of network engineering and have a practical working knowledge of current network protocols such as TCP/IP, Ethernet, and common internet standards. Use of automation tools such as Chef, Ansible and Puppet, and popular office productivity tools such as Office 365, are also a bonus.

What Skills are Required?

The need for computer network architects is expected to rise six percent from 2016 till 2026. As large enterprises continue to grow and smaller businesses seek to prepare their networking infrastructure for scalability, demand for WAN Design Experts will be at an all-time high in the coming years which makes it an excellent job opportunity as both a freelance and permanent position.

How Much WAN Design Experts Earn?

According to ZipRecruiter, WAN Design Experts salaries average around $89,179 per year in the United States. A freelance WAN Design Expert can earn on average $43 per hour.

Freelancing is a smart starting point if you are looking to gain the experience necessary for this type of salary.

Advantages of Being a Freelance WAN Design Expert

An increasing number of businesses are outsourcing their technical needs such as WAN design and implementation, meaning there are many more opportunities to seek work as a freelance WAN Design Experts.

Once you gain the right level of experience, you will be more valuable to the top clients and employers. Operating as an WAN Design Expert on the Field Engineer platform, you will constantly be working for new clients and developing opportunities in the field.

How Field Engineer Can Help

If the idea of becoming a freelance WAN Design Expert interests you and you possess the necessary qualifications and certifications, then utilizing Field Engineer’s range of on-demand services can help you reach a much wider clientele and find work regardless of what country you are from. With over 40,000+ engineers from over 180 countries registered to the Field Engineer platform, employers from all over the globe have easy access to WAN Design Experts that are capable of meeting their demands in both expertise and excellent service.

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