Teletype Technician

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Teletype Technician

A teletype called as an electromechanical typewriter. It helps in exchange of typed messages through a simple electrical communications network used for the communication. A Teletype technician is a trained professional who takes care for service or repair of Teletype machine and other communication equipment for clients either at the field or on-site.

The technician installs and repair telegraphic transmission and receiving equipment, following floor plan sketches and wiring diagrams. Teletype is also known as Teletypewriter.

Several teletype machines were related to or had built-in, paper tape stamping, and reading mechanisms, thus allowing information to be produced and edited off-line as well as kept and retransmitted on different circuits. The composite and organizational communications networks were built which had centers with rows of teletypewriters and big frames for paper tapes until transmission.

The skilled technician could define the urgencies of messages directly from the designs of holes in the tapes and could thus load an urgent tape into the different machine for retransmission even though it was still coming out of the punching section.

In the earlier days, these types of machines were in use for interconnection.

Job Description

The primary duties are to assist in installation, removal, maintain, troubleshoot, and fix electromechanical telephone key systems/PBAXs along with teletype computer terminals. 

The Teletype Technician are the experts who collaborate with various staff to locate and fix the issues. They test the connections to ensure that power supplies are adequate for improved functionality.

They provide input in the designing and manufacturing of new devices. However based on the updates from the company’s need they install, latest software, and plans that keep existing software or deliver the required features such as time-correlated call routing.

Sometimes they may operate with crew truck to and from client sites.

Job Description

Apart from Above Following are the Essential Responsibilities of a Technician

  • Identify, monitor, report, and resolve telecom’s product related issues
  • Assist in receiving, sends and disperses information using teletype NCIC/FCIC computer terminals
  • Repair and fix the computer terminal issue
  • Processes telephone calls and radio requests
  • Operates specialized and secure radio, computer, and telephone equipment
  • May be required to coordinate service and other related external applications for dispatch to the scene of emergencies.
  • Maintain a precise and factual radio log
  • Maintain properly filed teletype record
  • Maintain a service log
  • Maintain a maintenance unit status log
  • Maintain a log of time checks given to turnpike DPS units
  • Monitor scan-cast system and update maintenance personnel of same
  • Monitor and program for traffic information
  • Determine and fix the issue with switchboard


A minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent is required in the telecom field. Experience in handling the repair of the electromechanical device will help your career.

The career as a Teletype Technician may only require school certificate or its equivalent. However, with the growing use of new expertise in this field, ambitious technicians may want to get a postsecondary education in electronic science. The professionals in this area require training, several years of understanding, and at least post-graduate certification in order to manage, maintain and set up the machine so as to successfully control computer software and broadcast devices.

Teletype Technician Salary

According to the salary report for the market of the United States, the average earning is $54,477. As per the bureau of labor statistics (BLS), the job outlook is predicted to grow four percent from 2016 to 2026. It is slower than any other average occupation. However, their demand is not less as they help in the technical aspects of the telecom industry.

Chiefly the Teletypewriters were established to progress telegraphs, but have now been mostly switched by other newer technologies. Though, they are still used by speed-compromised, deaf or hard of hearing individuals for communication services.

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