Telecommunications Specialist

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Introduction to Telecommunications Specialist

Telecommunications specialists are experts involved in the designing of video, data and voice communication systems. They possess a vast understanding of a company’s technological requirements and utilize their knowledge to create a bespoke and personalized communications network for their needs. This will involve designing the system, managing connection systems, establishing various methods of communication and also installing the technology required.

The goal for a telecommunications specialist is to optimize an organization’s existing telecommunications systems or to design and install one from scratch. As such, it requires a large amount of technical system knowledge, and they must also possess the manual skill required for installing, repairing and maintaining communication lines.

Job Description & Responsibilities

Telecommunications specialists focus on creating and maintaining efficient communication lines between technological systems such as computers and smartphone devices. This includes installation of these systems as well as repairing them should they develop a fault. It may also be part of the telecommunications specialist job description to produce reports and documentation for the systems that they maintain or plan to install for a client.

A telecommunications specialist is responsible for the designing, installation and maintaining equipment that will be used in conjunction with computer technology for the purpose of communication. For example, a telecommunications specialist may be tasked with designing, installing and managing a video communications system that allows a company to effectively hosting meetings with investors and board members regardless of their location. The job is often offered by a telecommunications company that will assist operatives in obtaining the right certifications for the job, but it can also be an independent freelance role.

Specialists are required to not only confirm to their client that their new telecommunications devices will remain functional after the installation process, but they must also provide documentation and reports on the process so that should the system encounter a fault in the future, the client will be able to solve the issue or diagnose the problem using their own in-house specialists. Alternatively, a telecommunications specialist may have a maintenance contract with their client to provide repairs, maintenance and record upkeep.

Job Description & Responsibilities

To summarize, a telecommunications specialist will have the following responsibilities:

  • Overseeing and offering technical advice on the telecommunications systems that their client utilizes
  • Communicate with their client on their requirements and decide on technologies that are suitable to meet their needs
  • Document and report on the entire procedure including listing specifications for the purpose of compiling documentation that can be used by the client or future specialists to understand the system
  • Test and monitor the system in order to optimize the performance of the telecommunications system
  • Supervise and coordinate telecommunications activities when required
  • The budget for the entire project on behalf of the client
  • Contact the right suppliers to source the materials and tools needed
  • Understanding the client’s approach to training staff in order to educate and improve their skills and knowledge of the system

Educational Qualifications & Certifications

In order to become a successful telecommunications specialist, it’s important to possess a degree in computer science, information technology, network technologies or a related field. Industry-recognized certification can also add value to your resume and help you stand out from the competition.

Certifications from groups such as the International Association for Radio, Telecommunications, and Electromagnets (iNARTE) are highly valued when it comes to adding to your resume. With it, you have a much higher chance of finding work with high-profile clients who can trust in your reliability and credentials.

Skills & Job Outlook

Job prospects for a telecommunications specialist are set to rise especially in the freelance marketplace as corporate demand for scalable and flexible telecommunications networks increases. Accumulating working experience in the field will be a crucial factor when it comes to unlocking more prospects.


Payscale reports that the average salary of a Telecommunications Specialist is on average $60,365 per annum. With more experience comes a higher salary, but this doesn’t account for freelance work which can contribute to your resume and boost your career. Those interested in working on a freelance basis can visit to find the best freelance opportunities available.

Advantages of Being a Freelance Telecommunications Specialist

Although there are many employment opportunities as a telecommunications specialist, many smaller and medium-sized businesses are outsourcing their telecommunications needs to save on costs, opening up many opportunities for freelancers in the near future.

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