Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers

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Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers install and maintain or disconnect devices that transmit communications signals. Communication signals hardware include Internet routers, telephone lines, and other such equipment. The installers undertake these tasks in homes, offices, and other sites that are in the construction stages. They may also install communications wiring and equipment of communication in these locations.

Importantly, they have to work flexible hours.

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Job description

The other tasks that Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers undertake are assembling, replacing or rearranging dialing and routing equipment and scrutinizing and servicing equipment and wiring.    

They replace or repair defective, damaged, and dysfunctional equipment, and test newly installed, fixed, and upgraded equipment to make sure that they are functioning correctly.

These technicians tweak or modify equipment to improve their performance, maintain records of upkeep, installations, and repairs. They also show the clients how to use equipment and its nitty-gritties. The technicians employ several tools to assess equipment and identify problems. The tools they use include pliers and screwdrivers.

Some telecom technicians work with PCs, specific hardware, and other diagnostic equipment. People who install lines outdoors and maintain them referred to as line installers and repairers.

Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers include central office technicians. The job that these people do is installing and maintaining equipment, such as routers, switches, fiber-optic cables, and others, at switching hubs, which are known as central offices. These offices transmit, process, and strengthen data from several telephones, cables, and Internet connections. Technicians fix problems remotely after they receive alerts when switch equipment malfunctions.

While some technicians work from distribution centers of cable televisions, a few others install and repair telecommunication equipment in locations, such as private homes and offices.

Prospects for Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers

Although the number of jobs for telecommunications equipment installers and repairers is estimated to fall 8 percent during the period 2016-2026, as wired telecom companies would have fewer customers, employment will remain stable for those specializing in wireless services and mobile services and also for those servicing and upgrading routers and switches.  

Educational qualifications for Telecom Equipment Installers and Repairers

Usually, telecommunications technicians must have postsecondary education in telecommunications, electronics, or computer science, but technicians having an associate degree with excellent skills in customer service will have the edge over their counterparts, says BLS.

Salary of Telecom Equipment Installers and Repairers

The median pay for Telecom Equipment Installers and Repairers for the year 2017 was $53,380 per year and $25.67 per hour for freelance technicians, adds BLS.

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