Telecom Equipment Installation Technician

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Telecom Equipment Installation Technician

Do you dream of taking your career as a Telecom Equipment Installation Technician to the next level by becoming your own boss as a freelance contractor? At Field Engineer, we can support your transition into the world of freelancing by landing the projects you want at the price you deserve.

What is The Job Description?

Despite being a skilled job that covers various tasks, the basic description is very uncomplicated. Telecom Equipment Installations Technicians are responsible for installations, set-ups, rearrangements, distribution, and testing endeavors across the full spectrum of equipment.

Generally speaking, then, it’s likely that you’ll take on an array of different responsibilities as you work on different projects for different clients. After all, telecoms systems cover telephone lines, cable television, internet networks, and virtually all other equipment that can be used for internal and external communications.

Telecom Equipment Installation Technicians (otherwise referred to as Central Office Technicians, Install and Repair Technicians, Service Technicians, or Telecommunications Technicians) are among the most sought-after professionals in the business arena thanks to the omnipresence of telecommunications systems in modern society - and companies need specialists like you to keep their facilities in good working order.

Whether working in central offices (central office technicians), distribution centers (headed technicians) or out in the field (home installers and repairers), Field Engineer can help you connect with a wealth of companies in need of your services, making the road to success smoother than you ever thought possible.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Telecom Equipment Installation Technician?

In your role as a freelance Telecom Equipment Installation Technician, you may be contracted to undertake a variety of different responsibilities. The list of assignments completed on behalf of the client may include:

  • Install, set-up, and confirm that telecommunication equipment is working as expected.
  • Giving demonstrations on how to use the equipment to help customers gain the best user experience.
  • Run tests on faulty circuits and equipment with the use of test meters, circuit diagrams, polarity probes, and various tools.
  • Test newly installed, repaired, or upgraded telecommunications systems to ensure that they are working to the desired specifications.

Further responsibilities include communicating with the project manager and other senior staff to ensure that they are happy with the newly installed or repaired systems and know how to use them in the most proficient manner. In some cases, you may additionally arrange future visits for annual checks and related tasks.

What Education Is Required for Telecom Equipment Installation Technician Jobs?

What Education Is Required for Telecom Equipment Installation Technician Jobs?

There are no official requirements for degrees or higher education as most Telecom Equipment Installation Technicians have undergone on-the-job training and various courses in electronics, telecommunications, or computer networking before making the switch to freelance work. However, if you want to be truly successful in this field, an Associate’s Degrees in Telecommunications can be advantageous as you look to impress clients and secure more jobs.

It is also possible to further your career to charge higher rates and win bigger contracts by taking on a number of additional certifications. These include:

  • CTNS (TCO)
  • iNARTE Telecommunications Engineers Certification
  • NCTI Master Technician

Crucially, though, you need the ability to find jobs that are suited to your specific skills and capabilities. Field Engineer’s personalized marketplace allows for easy filtering, making you aware of the available positions with incredible levels of efficiency. When you also boast the skills needed to stand out from the crowd, you will get hired more frequently!

What Skills Do you Require?

If you are eager to thrive as a Telecom Equipment Installation Technician, you will require good verbal (both listening and speaking) and customer service skills. Moreover, you will be a logical thinker that knows how to find the best solution to the telecoms issues of individual clients

Physical requirements include great eyesight for working with various colored cables and intricate circuits, as well as steady hands. Perhaps most importantly, you should possess vast experience in working with various telecoms equipment and systems including VoIP, Cisco, and multiple network services. This will ensure that you are in high demand with a range of clients.

What Salary Can you Expect?

Research conducted by ZipRecruiter shows that the average annual salary for a full-time Telecom Equipment Installation Technician in the United States is $42,616, with the majority of salaries sitting between the $30,500 to $48,500 range. However, working as a freelance contractor can significantly boost those earnings as you will possess far greater control on where and when you want to work while also being able to set and negotiate your own fees.

By operating as a freelance Telecom Equipment Installation technician on the Field Engineer, there will be an unrivaled level of transparency throughout the project bidding process and ability to automate invoicing and payments, managing your revenue has never been simpler. In turn, this gives you more time to focus on the work itself, further maximizing your earning potential.

Our global on-demand marketplace connecting business with the telecom engineers can be the key to winning new business and forming long-term partnerships in the field. We are trusted by over 40,000+ successful engineers just like you, and our service can unlock the door to far greater long-term earnings as well as improved job satisfaction.

Sign up now and you will immediately discover the many benefits that Field Engineer has to offer. Your future as a Telecom Equipment Installation Technician has never looked brighter.

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