Technical Support Analyst

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Technical Support Analysts are trained IT support professionals, who resolve a variety of technical issues relating to their organization’s computer systems, telecommunication network, LANs, WANs and desktop computers, whether these components are located onsite or in the field. Organizations are dependent on support analysts to actualize their organization’s potential.

Technical Support Analysts are experts who provide the foundation of an organization’s digital infrastructure.

Specifically, Technical Support Analysts are specialists who provide technical support, advice, and assistance to an organization and its customers. They help resolve hardware, software and other technical problems. They often provide front-line support for system issues, whether these issues be in the organization or at a customer’s premise.

Support analysts often communicate directly with consumers. They further evaluate user requirements, address technical problems, and they work with engineering and IT staff to provide solutions that can be delivered by various means, such as by phone, email, remote connection or onsite.

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Technical Support Analyst Job Description

Technical Support Analysts have the following essential responsibilities:

  • To update and document external client issues
  • To perform analysis and determine client problems, and document these issues
  • To provide solutions for network and system related issues, and to provide detailed documentation along with it
  • To perform a cause analysis either on-site or at a client location.
  • To assist customers by performing analysis of various issues relating to LANs, WANs, desktop computers, Internet connectivity and the installation of hardware and software
  • To assist customers for the purpose of improving processes related to system issues
  • To maintain error logs in coordination with IT departments, and to maintain resolution reports, too
  • To offer recommendations — based on various metrics — on how to improve the support process in its entirety

Educational Requirements for Technical Support Analysts, and Their Career Outlook

Technical Support Analysts must have a degree in either Computer Science, Information Technology or a related discipline. The need for Support Analysts is expected to increase by 12% from 2014 to 2024, as per information provided by the US Bureau of labor statistics (BLS).

Technical Support Analyst Salary

As per Payscale, Technical Support Analysts on average earn $50,537 per year when working as a full-time employee. Freelance support analysts are also well rewarded depending on experience level. The demand for Support Analysts is increasing as their roles continue to expand in various technical aspects of the telecommunication and IT industries.

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