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In the Telecom world, the Switchman, otherwise known as the Switch technician, typically installs, maintains, troubleshoots and repairs the cabled devices present at the client or customer network site.

The Switchman is an integral part of a telecom organization. They are helpful in the IT and Telecom field. Whenever there is a requirement by the organization for the field set up and installation of the telecommunication work, switchman proves to be a great resource.

Importance of Switchman

In the telecommunications industry, switching is used to link two nodes that are not in direct proximity to each other. It helps in connecting the two nodes across the distributed network. The switchman’s system is the backbone for the Telecom and IT sector.

Switches link the two different nodes to ensure unified data transfer through devices which are not physically interlinked. This capability to fast distribution of the right information to the proper node so that it reaches the end user in a properly.

These technicians carry out maintenance on the hardware used to control the multiple and inter-connected devices related to telephone switches, operating point meant for the communication. Telephone switching enables the connecting of calls between two different telephone operators. This position involves the resolution of many issues related to general telecommunication. This position forms the bedrock of the Telecommunication industry.

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the proportion of injury for switch technicians and other on-site workers in the telecommunications workforce remains higher than average. The risk involved in the telecom switching process is high than other telecom jobs and duties.

Job Description

The essential duties of this position ensure the smooth functioning of the telephone network. Responsibilities include the rapid installation, process, and maintenance of switching, data exchange, and peripheral equipment associated with the Mobile Telephone Switching Office (MTSO) standards.

Job Responsibilities

Businesses continue to rely heavily on switching networks to communicate. This position necessitates the following duties:

  • Install, remove and maintain a variety of telecom devices including facsimile and telex hardware, mobile radios, teleprinters, cell telephones, and pagers
  • Test installed telecom systems to discover and repair transmission faults
  • Repair or swap out defective and damaged devices, cabling, and all related switching hardware
  • Test and troubleshoot individual trunk lines and systems and devices
  • Review test results and employ them to configure and build out the existing switching system, network, and related equipment
  • Deploy analog and digital switching hardware, install and test telecom switching center circuits and equipment
  • Find and repair cable failures and document repairs
  • Employ existing testing systems to test and service client telecommunication lines and equipment
  • Localize and repair the cause, nature, and location of client service issues
  • Initiate the release of suitable repair workers
  • Assist repair workers in testing lines and circuits
  • Complete test reports and maintain service records
Switchman Job Responsibilities

How Does one Enter This Field?

Technicians typically need post-secondary education in telecom, electronics, computer science or experience with switchman telecommunications.

Job Outlook

The technician needs to have experience and knowledge of switch equipment. Possessing a thorough understanding of software and hardware remains a net-positive in the eyes of prospective employers. According to BLS, this position’s requirements have not increased, despite recent technological advancements.


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