Switch Network Installer and Repairman

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Switch Network Installer and Repairman

Duties of the Switch Network Installer and Repairman include installing, testing, maintaining, and repairing telephones. The repairman also assists with telecommunications equipment and telephone switching equipment related to processing and transmission.

The Repairman examine and repair the service equipment, wiring and phone jacks. The professionals have to examine the repaired, newly installed and updated equipment to make sure that it is functioning properly. They should identify and resolve any issues related to routing and dialing equipment. It is the responsibility of the repairman to regulate the equipment to maximize its performance.

The professionals have to document the maintenance, repairs, and installations details. They have to make the customers understand how to use different equipment. The repairman utilizes different tools to examine the equipment and identify the issues. They should have good knowledge of computers, specialized hardware, and other diagnostic equipment.

Job Description

The Switch Network Installer and Repairman’s primary duty is installing, rearranging, or removing switching. The Switch Network Installer and Repairman Job Description also includes tasks such as monitoring the distribution, routing, dialing, and switching equipment utilized in the facility.

The Switch Network Installer and Repairman also provide any technical support required for ground-level installation of communication wiring or communication equipment. Along with these primary tasks, additional job responsibilities include:

  • Assist in the arrangement, removal, and installation of telephone equipment and associated hardware
  • Repair and replace faulty equipment such as broken wire, malfunctioning telephones, and other issues
  • Trace transmissions faults using the assistance of test installed telephone systems
  • Fix analog, digital, and electromechanical trunking circuits and systems at various switching centers and facilities
  • Assess and examine circuits, equipment, and trunking systems
  • Evaluate repair switching systems, software, network, associated equipment, and test results
  • Organize service tests on customer equipment and lines
  • Be in charge of computerized testing systems
  • Determine the cause and location of service trouble and notify appropriate personnel to handle repairs
  • Support circuits, systems, and test lines using technical support
  • Clear cable faults and verify records
  • Detect and replace faulty equipment as needed
  • Test and inspect the operation of telecommunications equipment
  • Possess knowledge of telecommunication equipment, teletypewriters, cell phones, pagers, and mobile radios
  • Upgrade and update the operating systems and software to access the internet
Educational Qualifications and Requirements

Educational Qualifications and Requirements

To become qualified to work as a Switch Network Installer and Repairman, candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree in either computer networking, telecommunications, or electronics. These degrees equip the candidate with essential knowledge regarding computer programming, data communication, data transmission systems, and AC/DC electrical circuits. Candidates looking for additional specialization in their field may consider pursuing a master’s degree.

Additional skills

Customer-Service Skills

Switch network installer and repairman should be able to guide customers about how to manage and operate communications equipment.


The repairman job revolves around rectifying small devices and connecting components and devices. They usually utilize hand tools and should have a steady hand and eye coordination.

Mechanical Skills

The professional should be well-versed with all the devices that they have to work on. They must install and repair the internal parts and replace as and when required. The repairman has to use appropriate tools to install or fix anything. They will have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing or repairing equipment.

Troubleshooting Skills

The Switch network installer and repairman will have to troubleshoot and develop solutions to any critical issues that occur at work.


Recruiter lists the average Switch Network Installer and Repairman Salary to be around $64,230. On the lower end, employees earned around $31,000. Meanwhile, employees on the higher end earned over $80,000. According to Indeed salary estimate on an average the hourly salary of Switch Network Installer and Repairman is approximately $15.64 in the United States.

Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an unfavorable job outlook continuing into the year 2026. Since the year 2016, the field has experienced an eight percent decline in employment rates. Employment opportunities are expected to be somewhat limited, especially in wired telecommunications sectors since many customers are choosing wireless services instead.

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