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What is a Solution Architect?

A solution architect is somebody who designs, describes, and manages solutions to particular engineering or business problems. Their role is to oversee the execution of a specific solution in a company, delivering technical and, sometimes, managerial support.

Solutions architects are particularly useful in the telecom and IT sectors for overseeing complex systems. They make technical decisions and then instruct teams on how to implement solutions for the desired business outcome.

Responsibilities of a Solution Architect

A solution architect’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Defining a problem and then creating a process for achieving a solution
  • Describing aspects of a project to senior management and company shareholders
  • Seeking out the best technical solution to a firm’s problems and helping to implement it
  • Delivering projects according to specification
  • Overseeing project implementation and leading a team

Qualification & Skills of Solution Architect

Solutions architects need a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or information technology at a minimum. Many employers also require a higher degree or professional qualifications. Employers may also ask for five to ten years of experience in network administration.

Job Outlook

Freelance solution architects can choose the clients they work for and negotiate for better pay.

The average pay for a solution architect is $115,813 per year. Freelance solution architects can often earn more.

Field Engineer Helps Both Businesses and Freelance Solution Architects

Field Engineer connects both businesses and solution architects, benefiting both. Firms can hire solution architects on-demand, as and when they need them. After signing in to FE, freelance solution architects can pick and choose the work they want to fit in with their lifestyle.

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Solution Architect - Ericsson
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