Software Defined Networking

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What is Software Defined Networking (SDN), Benefits, and Importance?

Not so long ago, networking was all about hardware, but the introduction of software defined networking has turned this idea on its head. Software defined networking (SDN) is a software-based approach to networking that moves away from hardware and manual processes. 

How does Software Defined Networking Work?

Software defined networking works by separating the control plane from the data plane. When these two planes are separated the network becomes far easier to manage. Separating the control plane and data plane enables networks to be centrally controlled. The central controller has an overview of the entire network and is able to adapt routing decisions based on how the network is performing as a whole and to respond accordingly.

What are the benefits of Software Defined Networking? 

Software defined networking has many benefits. One significant advantage of using an SDN is its ability to enhance a servers’ processing ability, which could help to reduce network latency. An additional benefit of using an SDN is its ability to condense storage.

The most significant SDN benefits are derived from the opportunity to increase flexibility in the network, making it easier to manage. Using SDN enables networking functions to be automated easily which improves efficiency, and allows networked resources to be easily managed from anywhere.

How does Software Defined Networking work with the step by step process? 

An SDN is created using a step by step approach consisting of three parts:

The first element of an SDN is the controller. The controller is the central component of the network as it oversees the entire network and enables its automation and control.

The second element of an SDN is the southbound application process interfaces (APIs). These interfaces act as communicators and transmit information from the central controller onto switches and routers so that service is delivered to the parts of the network that need it most.

The final element that completes the SDN is the northbound APIs. These northbound interfaces discreetly deliver information from the central controller onto the applications.

Hiring a professional with the skills to implement and manage software defined networking is essential to ensure that your business gets the desired results from the introduction of an SDN. Finding individuals with the skills needed to perform such a specialist role to an expert standard can be difficult. Here at Field Engineer, we can help you to find the candidate that you need to implement and manage your SDN. Right here on our website, you can connect with highly-skilled professionals with the necessary experience and knowledge to successfully implement an SDN.

Importance of Software Defined Networking 

While SDN was once seen as something that could become popular in the future, the rate at which it has been adopted has fast-tracked SDN from being viewed as an alternative form of networking and quickly brought it to the mainstream. Both the business world and technology evolve at a fast rate so it makes sense to have a network that is capable of facilitating changes quickly to meet the demands of the business. To meet the changing needs of businesses, an agile network is required, which is where a software defined network goes from being a technology of the future and becomes a necessity. 

Increased focus on user experience also increases the importance of implementing an SDN. Network latency needs to be avoided, and an SDN can ensure that the network’s performance is enhanced to meet variations in demand.

Importance of Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Networking Role in Future

SDN is set to evolve in the future to meet the increased demand in areas such as machine learning and the IoT. 

Increased adoption of SDN is expected, with the networking technology predicted to be used in a growing number of industries, making its use far more widespread. This increase will likely arise as a result of the increased need for organizations to have agile networks that can deliver consistency while being able to respond to change quickly.

Software Defined Networking FAQs network performance

Could an SDN improve network security?

Yes, network security can be improved by an SDN, as the network is controlled centrally, security can be implemented consistently throughout the network.

Will my network be faster with an SDN?

An SDN makes a network faster as the central controller can respond by supplying areas of the network with increased need. 

Who can implement an SDN?

A specialist SDN engineer will be able to design an SDN that matches the needs of your business and enhances network performance.

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