ShoreTel Engineer

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ShoreTel Engineer

ShoreTel Engineers are an integral part of any telecommunication entity. They are involved in cloud strategy for Private Automatic Branch Exchanges (PABX) as well as network hardware and software, and they perform IP-based installations. They also provide unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solutions for organizations.

Mitel acquired ShoreTel on Sept 25, 2017. Mitel focuses on voice over IP (VOIP) solutions as their core business. Initially, ShoreTel Engineers were involved in the production of TDM PBX systems and the worldwide application of the voice over IP protocol.

Mitel’s most popular technology is called the Mitel VOIP 3300 series of controllers, which was initially introduced in the international market back in 2001.

ShoreTel Engineers, especially those involved with Mitel 3300 or 5000 series equipment, work on commercial applications relating to Voice over IP (VOIP), hosted PBX and UCaaS products, and they build, deploy and scale enterprise-wide communication systems.

Job Description

ShoreTel Engineer Responsibilities include the Following

  • To support ShoreTel Switches, Voicemail, IP Phones, Call Center and ShoreTel Communicator equipment
  • To install and configure communication platforms using IP-based signaling products
  • To write documentation relating to ShoreTel Phone system support
  • To monitor and balance equipment use, labor hours and available ports
  • To implement New office deployment (Phones, Voicemail, and Circuits)
  • To create disaster recovery plans for IP-based telephony and video solutions
  • To prepare and maintain documentation relating to the configuration of deployed solutions
  • To manage Voice/Video planning, monitoring, performance tuning, and troubleshooting
  • To perform circuit provisioning and to perform upgrades connecting to internet, voice and SIP circuits
  • To configure and resolve problems from one endpoint to another and across the entire corporate IT network infrastructure
  • To configure systems both onsite and off using remote computing technology

Educational and Certification Requirements

ShoreTel Engineers must have a degree in Computer Science, Information technology or a related discipline. Having a ShoreTel certification gives an engineer a significant boost to their career.


Following are the skills required to become a successful Shoretel engineer:

  • They should know about ShoreTel/Mitel VoIP PBX, Enterprise Call service center
  • Good networking expertise including on switches, routers, hubs, servers, cables, racks, firewalls, LAN, WAN, TCP/IP, DNS, UDP, Latency, VoIP, and more.
  • Should be aware of MPLS technology
  • They should be aware of server configuration for MS server 2008 to 20016, along with virtualized software
  • Associated ShoreTel/Mitel’s conferencing system.
  • Knowledge of delivering services in the VOIP, PBX and data communications areas
  • Good knowledge and experience with Wide Area Network technologies, including T1 circuits, point-to-point, and MPLS patterns, switches, routers, hubs,
  • Experience on servers, cables, racks, firewalls, SSL certificates.
  • Experience in SIP media gateway
  • Should have good experience in stakeholder management as well.


As per Glassdoor, the average salary of ShoreTel Engineers is $89,179 per year in the United States. Freelance employment can also be an excellent option for experienced professionals, with many rewards that can boost your career in the Freelance Marketplace.

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