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Service Desk Engineers are the first point of contact in any organization for resolving or escalating hardware, software, network, and other issues of computer end users when they raise requests through emails, instant messages, chats or phone calls.

They should be able to understand users’ questions, provide technical support, and assist all staff remotely on technology problems. Owing to the nature of this occupation, aspirants for these jobs must have excellent communication skills and technical knowledge about various technologies and solutions. Importantly, they should be ready to work flexible hours.

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Needless to say, they need to be in touch with the latest trends in technology.

Responsibilities of Service Desk Engineers

Included in the Service Desk Engineers tasks are installing, upgrading, supporting, and resolving issues relating to PCs or laptops, printers, scanners, the Intranet, LAN, and WAN, besides hardware and software.

They must also install and maintain security, anti-virus solutions and firewall, configure and maintain operating systems and software applications, backup devices, and suggest ideas for improving service desk functions and service delivery regularly. They must monitor service-level agreements (SLAs) and ensure that there are no breaches. They are required to work in the open source environment and understand and resolve issues there as well, must provide support to disaster recovery solutions, and have the ability to comprehend how business applications work.  

Their other duties include improving customer services, helping in developing competent service desk tools, procedures, and making sure that they address requests promptly.

Future of Service Desk Engineers

Although it is being expected that service desk help will be automated with the entry of chatbots to provide service 24/7 to customers in the near future, human intervention would continue to be an essential element of customer services. Moreover, with the exponential adoption of mobile devices, there will be a need for more Service Desk Engineers to provide support services.  

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as enterprises upgrade their software and hardware, the need for support services in the future will increase. It adds that jobs for computer support specialists are expected to grow 11 percent during the 2016 -2026 period.

Educational qualifications and other requirements of Service Desk Engineers

To become Service Desk Engineers, candidates should ideally have a bachelor’s degree (or an associate degree) in computer sciences or engineering along with adequate experience in supporting the latest versions of at least one of the operating systems, such as Windows or macOS or Unix/Linux. They should be knowledgeable about networking and WAN technology. If they have certifications from CompTIA in A+ or Network+, it would be beneficial. They must have had hardware troubleshooting experience and be conversant with networking protocols.

Finally, they must able to explain technology to individuals from non-technical backgrounds.  

Earnings of Service Desk Engineers

The average annual salary for an IT Service Desk Engineer is $46,425, according to

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