Service Desk Analyst

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Service Desk Analyst

Service Desk Analysts are IT professionals who provide technical help for users of an organization. Analysts respond to inquiries, and they evaluate and resolve issues relating to IT equipment and applications. They provide technical care for any aspect of the information systems unit, including system hardware, operating systems, applications, and networks. Generally, they should be troubleshooting bent of mind and with proper communication to the stakeholders.

Usually, Service Desk Analysts work closely with an organization's IT department to provide assistance relating to work that may be outside the scope of their expertise. Service Desk Analysts provide support relating to common incidents, and they serve as a single point of contact for any system-related issue. 

Overall it’s all about the help providing to the customer (internal or external) is one top priority of a Service Desk Analyst.

Organizations regularly invest in providing superior service desk support. To this end, provides a robust platform that can help organizations achieve their goals relating to telecommunications and related services.

Job Description

The Service Desk Analyst delivers maintenance for a primary incident solution, and it is reported to the centralized division of service desk. Usually, responsibilities include initial test, allocation of the task, research, and resolution of primary incidents and requests concerning the use of application software and hardware products along with infrastructure constituents.

The Service Desk Analyst is accountable for gathering information through a client conversation, log on to support tools, and additional support staff (service resources) if needed. Issues outside the scope of their capability or responsibility are fixed by engaging in routine other service resources from other facilities, unit, organizational groups, or the businesses service desk.

Service Desk Analysts fixes the cases informed by consumers or customers. The Service Desk Analysts typically offer the first point of contact with the client. During the incident resolving process, analysts work with other experts, vendors, and specialists to solve the incidents for the customers.

Service Desk Analysts also generate provision of requirements for users in the self-service intranet, update requirements, and look up the position of requests.

In the IT department of an organization, Service Desk Analysts have right to use to the following workstation:

  • To change Calendar
  • Incident Tracking
  • Problem identification
  • Service Request

Service Desk Analysts must perform multiple functions effectively and simultaneously. Duties of Service Desk Analysts may vary, but core responsibilities include the following: 

Manage Support Requests

A significant responsibility of Service Desk Analysts is to manage support requests that can come through a range of networks, such as email, chat, and telephone. They must document issue severity, and they must utilize standard procedures to resolve issues. Analysts must also maintain support tracking systems. 

Resolve Technical Issues

Service Desk Analysts must resolve technical issues. In some organizations, they resolve these issues remotely. For certain common problems, such as installation and configuration problems, they provide users technical documentation so that they can better understand their systems. 

Accelerate Complex Cases

Service Desk Analysts often must accelerate customer support requests to higher-level IT support specialists if they are unable to resolve a particular issue on their own. Analysts then provide specialists with details about the issue so that they can resolve it effectively. 

Manage Service Documentation

Service Desk Analysts must maintain comprehensive records of issues relating to both software and hardware. 

Educational Requirements & Future Outlook

Service Desk Analysts must have some kind of degree in Computer Science or a related discipline. They can either work in the field or in-house. is a platform that provides some of the best opportunities for freelance Service Desk Analysts, as it reaches across the world. 


Service Desk Analyst positions called the as old way of entrance into information technology department for many professionals. Another way to make yourself stand out as a service desk professional is to authenticate your knowledge and skills by making one of below-mentioned service desk certifications.

When it comes to Service Desk, there are many numbers of certificate and certification programs that focus more or less exclusively on the service desk functionality, and the different job roles it helps. The higher number of credentials that grace themselves as confirming technical support services are also accessible, where many such credentials emphases on sets of vendor platforms products and functions.

Certifications, such as CompTIA, ITIL, and MCSA can help take your career to greater heights. 


Service desk analysts neutralize direct customer issues by support with technical knowledge to fix software and hardware problems. The organization usually hire applicants with at least an associate’s degree, along with the below skills:

  • Technical expertise – as they regularly play a direct role in fixing a client’s problems, service technicians need excellent technical and system expertise
  • Problem-resolving abilities – service desk analysts are mainly problem-solvers, so they should be able to devise technical and original solutions to user problems
  • Communication – operational message is key in this role since service desk analysts required to collect data about issues, prepare comprehensive notes and reports, and walk users through the stages they can take to fix software and hardware problems
  • Time administration – service desk analysts requires excellent time management aids and should be able to set priorities when covering multiple issues
  • Team partnership – service desk analysts routinely work with other IT personnel to resolve user issues, so they need to collaborate with team members and coworkers


As per Payscale salary estimates, Service Desk Analysts in the United States earn on average $45,470 per year. Part-time employment provides a great option for those looking to boost their career and future opportunities. offers excellent and often exclusive opportunities for freelance Service Desk Analysts. 

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