Server Virtualization Engineer

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A Server Virtualization Engineer partitions a physical server by using software into several smaller virtual servers to boost server resources. Besides, this individual also helps to ensure that space is saved, allowing many resources to use the same space. By doing so, they improve network performance and drastically reduce operating costs.

Right candidates for this position should have excellent verbal and written communication skills because they would interact with customers. They should also be able to work in a team.

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Job description

Server Virtualization Engineer will install, maintain, and support system software and hardware used by development groups at organizations, provide support and consultancy for multiple environments, administer systems, monitor, upgrade, maintain, installation, organize, configure, and deploy systems within VMware environments. They will also assess new technologies and methods, work along with other teams to maintain consistency of internal policies and procedures, communicate effectively about issues and requirements, and have the ability to assess new approaches and technologies.

Moreover, they should have experience of working with vSphere v5.x and 6.x of VMware, experience of installing, configuring, upgrading, monitoring, and troubleshooting vCenter and ESXi servers, and have knowledge about hardware and how they function with operating systems, have experience of working with HyperV environments, and have the ability to perform system administration tasks of both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Scope for Server Virtualization Engineers

As part of their job duties, they configure and deploy various virtualization technologies. It will allow them to become proficient in virtual infrastructure, which will be embraced by most businesses in the future as they migrate to cloud computing. The emergence of SDN (Software Defined Networking) will also give an impetus to virtualization. That is because besides being flexible, virtual servers also reduce operating costs of organizations.
Most importantly, they should be conversant with concepts, such as Hypervisor, Cloning, Hyper Convergence, Super Convergence, VM Cluster, etc.

Educational qualifications skills required

To be considered for the position, aspirants should have a bachelor’s degree or adequate experience in a related field, besides sufficient expertise in VMware VCenter / VSphere as a platform for virtualization.
Furthermore, these engineers need to keep themselves in touch with the latest technologies, be able to implement proactively, maintain, and resolve issues in virtualized environments, monitor the entire environment, and make suggestions to improve the environment’s performance by developing plans to reduce problems.

Server Virtualization Engineer Salary

The average annual salary for a VMware Virtualization Engineer in the United States is $90,000 ($46 per hour), according to

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