Senior System Designer

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A Senior System Designer plays an active role in consulting and design services related to Telecommunications and Information Technologies. This professional will work with system elements such as system architecture, modules, and components. They design and configure reusable application systems that must connect independently to network applications.

The technician assists in the creation of detailed design documentation for the development and integration of computer systems tailored to meet client needs. They also work on larger and complex systems in distributed system scenarios to abstract the details about the members of those systems.

The Senior System Designer plays a prominent role in architecting and wireframing complex product structures and systems. The designers must be able to explain various components, concepts, modules and other related data of the product. The professional is responsible for mapping customer workflows and designing the right structures for smooth user experience. They should have a proper understanding of workflows, interaction models and customer-led design.

Job Description

The primary job responsibility of the position is to assist site engineers with installation and operational testing. The technician also looks into devising cost-effective solutions that are specially designed to cater to the needs of the organization end-user. Such solutions might include telecom rooms, pathways and other infrastructures such as wired/wireless and copper/fiber structured cabling systems to support voice/data/video applications, distributed antenna systems, data center technologies and other leading-edge IT/Telecom solutions.

The system designers develop high-quality, informed computer-related infrastructures such as drawings, details, cost analysis and specifications language. They will collaborate with Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) and architectural teams. Designers will guide the clients through the technology selection process.

It is the responsibility of the Senior System Designer to communicate and coordinate across multiple disciplines to constantly refine the features. They have to help the designers to design the best possible experiences and workflows. The professionals will build and maintain collaborative relationships with all development functions. They will ensure high-quality results and assist in maintaining design standards.

As part of this job role, the designer develops a conceptual network drawing and detailed installation diagrams. They need to coordinate with the Technical Review Committee (TRC) in-house graphics technician for anything necessary. The technician supports the design and integration of databases and applications to maintain the consistency in the organization.

The professionals also provide the necessary guidance and strategies to help them build the products. They should work in collaboration with the other teams to design new systems, economy flows and loops. It is advisable to create and maintain a document of design for smooth workflow. The designers must do a proper hypothesis regarding the system behavior, flow and emergent system behavior. Usually, the designers are responsible for implementing, adapting and resolving any technical challenges.

A System Designer must have good knowledge to understand and develop IP addressing schemes for hardware deployments. They will operate test equipment including digital and RF path monitoring tools. The technician should have the fundamental knowledge of microwave, fiber optic engineering, and wireless network design specifications. They perform system administration on all platforms with multiple operating systems. Designers create and maintain documentation-related to systems configuration, mapping, and other processes.

Educational Qualifications

As a Senior Designer, the candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science or telecommunications. Most employees prefer computer science degree because they cover a wide range of topics. They specialize in computing systems, computer programming, and various other subjects. A master’s degree provides an added advantage on the job market.

Senior System Designer Additional skills

Additional Skills

Apart from the necessary educational qualifications, other additional skills play a prominent in the Senior System Designer career. These skills will help them to carry out the required duties in a smooth manner.

Analytical Skills

The designer should analyze the customer’s needs and should design to fulfill the necessary requirements.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are essential for a system designer. As part of the job, they should give out clear instructions to the other teams. The professionals will guide the customers about the software and its technicalities.

Computer Skills

The professional must have a proper understanding of the computer capabilities. Apart from this, good knowledge of programming languages is an added advantage to design effective software.

Eye for Detail

The designers will work on many parts of an application or system, so they should have a great eye for detail. The professionals must focus their concentration on the minutest details.

Interpersonal Skills

The need to work in collaboration with the other departments and assist them in designing, developing, and programming successful software.


According to Glassdoor, a Senior System Engineer on an average earns about $76,304 per year. The salary, as per Payscale, averages $64,000 per year. According to the recent statistics, excellent opportunities for job seekers will continue into the future. The Indeed salary estimate shows that the average salary of Senior System Designer ranges from approximately $58,249 per year for Senior Graphic Designer to $78,443 per year for Senior Designer.

Career Opportunities

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that there is expected to be a 24 percent growth from 2016 to 2026. The senior system designers are needed to fulfill the increased demand for computer software. The organizations are in the lookout for candidates with suitable requirements.

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