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What is a Senior Security Architect?

A senior security architect focuses on monitoring and ensuring compliance to the many standards and procedures that affect businesses regarding their security measures. This often includes planning different security countermeasures, monitoring them and also mentoring team members to comply with those standards.


A senior security architect will be responsible for a variety of security-related tasks. This includes determining security requirements, planning security systems and implementing them into a business. It also includes maintaining those security systems such as checking cameras, testing alarms and providing technical support. As a freelance senior security architect, responsibilities will vary greatly depending on the client’s needs and may include examining existing security systems and optimizing them.

Qualifications & Skills

A senior security architect is expected to have skills and qualifications in fields such as network security, network hardware configurations, network standards and network protocols. The job also requires the candidate to possess general technical skills, dependability and also understanding information security policies.

Job Outlook

As more businesses look to improve their technologies and grow their businesses, their security demands will also increase which results in a much higher need for senior security architects to design, implement and manage a company’s security solutions.

There is also the option of working as a freelance senior security architect. This means you’ll be working for many different companies and fitting your skills to their needs, but it can be a far more lucrative option if you’re willing to diversify your skill set.

Pay Scale Range

A senior security architect working a full-time job can expect to earn between $113,000 and $170,000. The median pay for the profession is around $145,000 per year, but this amount can vary greatly depending on factors such as your employer or your expertise.

However, the pay potential as a freelancer doesn’t have a ceiling. In fact, as long as you’re willing to build a network of contacts and work hard, you’ll find that you can earn far more money as a freelance senior security architect than in a full-time position.

How Can Field Engineer Help?

Field Engineer is an online marketplace for engineering talent, and that includes finding a senior security architect or even advertising yourself if you have the qualifications.

If you’re a senior security architect then you’ll find that freelancing with Field Engineer is simple. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to plenty of different jobs and recruiters from all over the world. Finding an assignment in your country is simple and you’ll be in direct contact with the client to help make things easier to organize.

As a recruiter, you’ll gain access to the world’s largest online marketplace for talent. No matter where you’re trying to establish a presence, Field Engineer’s tools will help you find a qualified and vetted senior security architect to help carry out your needs. You’ll find that it’s far less expensive than hiring a full-time employee and convenient to complete work around the world for international clients.

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Senior Security Architect - Ericsson
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