Riverbed SD-WAN Engineer

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What is Riverbed SD-WAN Engineer?

Riverbed is a growing cloud networking company with a specialist focus on SD-WAN. So, if you’re looking to become a Riverbed SD-WAN Engineer, you need to have a strong understanding of the software and the benefits it brings to its end users.

We’re going to give you all of the details and information you need before you start pursuing this career path. You’ll learn about the job, the qualifications you should have and the possibilities for freelancing in this field. So, read on now to find out everything you need to know.

Job Description & Responsibilities

We’ll cover all of the important details in this Riverbed SD-WAN Engineer Job Description. If you take up this role, your focus will be on the deployment of Riverbed SD-WAN systems on top of existing network infrastructure that businesses and organizations already have in place.

Riverbed ensures that disruption is limited and that’s why they take this approach. There are also some Riverbed SD-WAN Engineer responsibilities to be aware of. It’ll be your job to deploy systems and keep the infrastructure ticking over, not just in deployment but going forward generally. You’ll also deal with troubleshooting issues and general maintenance.

Required Qualifications & Skills

Having a Bachelor's degree in a related field will definitely help you to ensure you get the job you’re looking for. It’ll need to be a technical qualification and you’ll need to have an understanding of networks and relevant infrastructure. In some cases, existing professional experience can be substituted for a qualification.

There’s a range of Riverbed SD-WAN Engineer Skills you’ll need to have, including an understanding of the specific way in which Riverbed deploys its SD-WAN systems. This can be developed during training, but the basic background knowledge and skill level will already need to be in place.



Helpful Certifications

Certifications are often gained by engineers to help them learn more about a particular platform or system. Once they have relevant certification, they find it easier to get work because employers can see that their abilities are backed up by hard evidence from the company in question.

Riverbed does have a performance engineering certification program (PCPE) that you might want to pursue if you’re interested in working as a Riverbed SD-WAN Engineer.

Future Outlook in this Job

The way in which Riverbed is currently offering fantastic SD-WAN systems without causing massive disruption to the existing infrastructure of companies definitely makes it a company on the rise that you should consider working alongside.

The platform is growing and the SD-WAN niche, in general, is growing rapidly too. It’s definitely a career path that you should consider going down if you want to secure a reliable income going forward. There are so many job opportunities out there right now.


You’ll no doubt want to learn more about the general Riverbed SD-WAN Engineer Salary you can expect to earn if you want to start working as this kind of engineer. There are lots of opportunities and yes, the job does pay well.

The average salary for Riverbed engineers is around $123,000. You will start at around $85,000 and possibly earn as much as $160,000 if you gain enough experience and prove yourself at the highest level consistently.

Why Freelancing is a Good Idea

Riverbed SD-WAN Engineer freelance jobs are not too difficult to come by if you have the right skills and experience. If you’re looking to get started in this career path, taking the freelance path might be the best way for you to get started and gain experience.

If you already have experience in a full-time role of a similar kind, switching to a freelance role could also be a good idea. You’ll have no trouble finding work and completing projects and you’ll have a greater level of control over when and how you work, which is ideal for many engineers.

Using FieldEngineer.com

One platform that many people use in order to find Riverbed SD-WAN Engineer jobs is FieldEgnineer.com. It’s a platform that allows you to directly connect to employers looking to hire freelancers to carry out Riverbed SD-WAN work. It’s a great resource for lots of engineers.

Using the platform is pretty simple. Once you’ve created a profile and move through all of the beginning steps, you can start to look at the listings and find ones that you believe you’re able to complete. The payment process is very easy too, which is one part of freelancing that people can be frustrated by.

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