Relay Tester

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Relay Tester

A Relay Tester is someone who tests or modifies developmental and operational electrical machinery. This high-demand professional also handles electrical control equipment and circuitry in industrial or commercial settings. They generally work under the direction of engineers or technologists.

The professional is responsible for the field technical training for other Relay Testers. They have to take care of the relaying schemes, metering, remote control, data systems, and hydroelectric generator control. The Relay Tester has to work in close coordination with other departments to ensure the integrity of the electric system.

The tester will have an active role to play in planning major substation or plant construction projects. The professional has to take care of the operational tests for the hydroelectric generator control, and transformer protection systems. The Relay Tester will cross check the control and protective circuit diagrams to ensure they are as per the industry standards.

The professional reviews the engineering drawings and suggests changes wherever necessary. They frequently go on field checks to keep track of the working condition of the equipment. The Relay Tester will work with the other departments or manufacturer to repair and replace any defective equipment. They take the responsibility to direct, test, adjust, or maintain special equipment.

The Relay Tester assists in the inspection, installation, and repair of assigned electro-mechanical controls and equipment systems. The professionals have to assemble the equipment in the right position to operate test equipment and related instruments. They complete test forms and enter test results. The tester will manage and maintain the setting up of test equipment.

The professional will offer technical assistance in investigating trouble complaints in managing relays. The Relay Tester will perform various field, shop and laboratory tests, repairs, inspections, etc. They will play an active role in making a minor calibration to electrical equipment such as voltage regulating devices, battery chargers, and circuit breaker. The tester helps in operation and switching of substation equipment and switchyards during installation, testing, emergencies, and other trouble conditions.

They setup barricades and performs related general housekeeping functions necessary to maintain safe work areas. The tester performs other directed assignments as required.

Job Description

The primary duty of Relay Tester is to install, maintain, and repair elaborate, protective relaying schemes. The tester should take responsibility for the remote control and data systems. They must also look into the protection of metering and other settings. The tester is responsible for placing the equipment in proper functioning conditions.  They use standard schematic or wiring diagram to repair all relay and protective equipment that includes supervisory or carrier current relay equipment.

The professional will examine and evaluate the control circuits, control equipment, voltage regulators, batters, and other related equipment. The Relay Tester must have the ability to understand and interpret diagrams and blue prints. They should be willing to work with energized electrical and mechanical equipment. The tester plays an active role in maintaining regular types of relays and associated equipment connected with a single trip function in an active status.

Job Description

Additional Responsibilities of a Relay Tester Include

  • Repair and examine the relays used to protect and control the functions of the tools such as circuit breakers, transformers, and automatic switches
  • Attach the relay to test board and regulate test board controls to initiate operating conditions
  • Keep check of the ammeters, voltmeters, and other test board instruments
  • Look into the relay delay performance as per the previous specifications of the manufacturer
  • Evaluate the responses of the relay to assess the cause of a malfunction
  • Tighten up the bolts, springs, and electrical connections, and adjusts screws to correct the fault.
  • Modify electrical, thermal, and timing elements to standardize relay as per the installation specifications
  • Replace and rectify the defective relays with the help of machinery or hand tools along with brush or feather
  • Document test results, adjustments, and related data on relay history
  • Conduct timely inspections and investigate the relays at functioning points
  • Examine and rectify related equipment including telemetering and supervisory-control devices
  • Verify the circuit diagrams and ensure that the manufacturers are following the company standards
  • Examine the switches, clears, grounds, and locks of equipment
  • Maintain specialized equipment and complete any required modifications
  • Coordinate with other departments and work on troubleshooting tasks
  • Give proper feedback to keep performance on the track
  • Use a wide range of general purpose and specialized electrical and electronic testing equipment and instruments

Educational Qualifications

The desired candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in electronics, electrical, telecommunication or other related fields. The individual will have an added advantage if they have prior work experience. Employers will give preference to candidates with a master’s degree as well.

Additional Skills

Critical Thinking

The Relay Tester must have the ability to use logic and reasoning understand the strengths and weaknesses. The professional should come up with alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.


The professional should monitor and assess subordinates performance to make to make improvements or take corrective action.

Systems Evaluation

It is the responsibility of the Relay Tester to identify and evaluate the indicators of system performance. They have to provide solutions to improve or correct performance, relative to the goals of the system.

Systems Analysis

The Relay Tester will analyze how a system works and how any changes in the operations conditions will affect the outcomes.

Quality Control Analysis

The tester should be capable of conducting relay tests and inspections of products or services. They will examine and evaluate the quality and performance.


According to Comparably, the average salary of a Relay Tester ranges from a low of $21,140 to a high of $62,150 with a median salary of $ 36,000. As per the Indeed salary estimates, the salary of the Relay Tester ranges from approximately $12.25 per hour for Assembler to $37.99 per hour for Engineer. The Salaryexpert states that the average chief relay tester salary in the United States is $66,443 or an equivalent hourly rate of $32.

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