Relay Adjuster

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A Relay Adjuster sets up and arranges client dialing and switching equipment. Relay Adjusters service and repairs telephone and other communication equipment. The adjuster installs new equipment on-site and monitors all client wiring and telephone jacks.

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Relay Adjuster Job Description

The adjuster services or repairs a variety of client telecommunication equipment. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Responsibility for loading and unloading relays from test sockets and tray
  • Performance of visual, mechanical and workmanship inspection of the relay with the help of microscope magnification
  • Dressing of the coil lead with the help of adjusting tools to raise and lower the actuator beads
  • Caring for the position of the actuator bead based on the moving contact
  • Following company policies and procedures when completing all routine tasks
  • Enthusiasm for cross-training in various other areas of the organization
  • Assistance with semi-routine assignments and waiting for further instructions depending on the assignments
  • Documentation of client telephonic information and maintenance of this data is written in the electronic or magnetic form
  • Offering technical guidance in the repair and maintenance of electronic equipment that operate primarily by electronic principles
  • Assistance in operating vehicles, mechanized devices, and equipment
  • Inspection of equipment to identify any errors or problems or defects
  • Maintenance and review of materials used for equipment manufacturing
  • Operation of machines, control mechanisms, and other physical activity
  • Handling complaints and resolve grievances and negotiate with others
  • Drafting, layout, and specification of technical client devices and other equipment
  • Giving all detailed instructions and specifications about the related tools and equipment
  • Estimating the resources and materials required to perform a work activity

Educational Qualification:

Desired candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree in telecommunication, electronics, electrical or other related fields. Often, organizations prefer candidates who have a master’s degree. Additionally, candidates with excellent skills in customer service will have the edge over others.

Relay Adjuster Salary

According to, a typical Relay Adjuster earns about $47,015 yearly with an equivalent hourly rate of $23. They also receive an average bonus of $903. As per, the salary for this position averages $52,554 annually in the United States. Some organizations promise a 100 percent bonus.

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