R56 Communication Site Installer

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The Communication Site Installer is the trained professional who would be involved in the set-up, supervision, routing, distributing, and switching as required by the telephone and dialing equipment that would be used in the main offices of the businesses.

Their primary responsibility would be to help the business clients install and ensure that they have an effective communication system that works without any interruptions across the whole site. These professionals could either be required to be at a designated field venue or the customer’s location.

Their tasks involve servicing or repairing the telephones, cable televisions, Internet, and any other equipment needed for communication within the customer’s premises to ensure that they work at their best performance level.

One of the better standard guidelines that should be adhered for an efficient communication network set up is the R56 by Motorola. A technician who uses this standard would help the customer by working on the standard methodologies required and install the telecommunication devices properly.

This standard requires that the professional technician consider factors such as communication site-building and installation, both external and internal grounding, the various sources for power, surge protection devices available, the resistance level of the soil, as well as electromagnetic interference.

The Installer would help enhance and set up the communication system in the business premise by setting up, working on, and maintaining the voice and data telecommunications network circuits and equipment.

Job Description

It is one of the essential parts for the organization to maintain the zero downtime for connection issues. Here are the responsibilities that would be required of the Installer

  • Assist with fixing, installation, or building of communication devices
  • Ability to find faulty equipment and repair them as needed
  • Ability to plan out network installations that would adhere to customer’s orders and technical requirements
  • Responsible for collecting equipment and supplies for the installation location
  • Ability to create the installation diagram
  • Ability to establish voice and data networks with the use of splicing, to run, to terminate, and pulling cables
  • Ability to set up and assemble communication equipment like data and telephone communication lines, switching equipment and wiring
  • Responsible for analyzing the RF coverage for telecom equipment in the current scenario based on Location and height.

Education & Certification

To qualify as an installer, you would need to have a degree in Computer Science, IT, Telecom, or other related fields. Certifications such as the “Communications Site Installation R56” would be a bonus.

The training is available in the marketplace for Motorola Site Installation Practices (R56) which is designed to present the standards and guidelines for installing a Motorola communication system.


According to the PayScale, the average salary of an individual in this field in the United States is about $49,432. However, in this field, being a part-time employee can also come in handy and be useful in your building and advancing your career.

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