Point of Sale Technician

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The Point of Sale (POS) Technicians are trained professionals who are involved in the day-to-day operation of technology applications and equipment. They Provide desk-side assistance in resolving technology support issues. They Perform installations, repairs, upgrades, backups, and other maintenance tasks. 

The Technician’s work involves the maintenance and support of all computers (servers, desktops, cash registers, and laptops), databases, network and separate printers, and all other IT equipment. 

The technician provides day-to-day technical support to customers for Point of Sale software, systems, and hardware. A technician installs, configures, and troubleshoots POS system. 

Job Responsibilities

Usually, POS Technician will have periodic access to confidential data including financial reports, company records and minutes, customer quotations, organizational plans, designs, and programs. This job works under only general instructions and is expected to accomplish the work assignment within the assigned Point of Sale (POS). 

The POS Technician should support POS software, hardware development cycle to include requirement based analysis. They are involved in troubleshooting and deployment of POS software for the clients. 

They analyze user’s requirements and develops functional specifications for a better result. As far as POS administration is concerned, they install software updates and perform other POS functions. 

They will need to perform functional testing, interpretation, and analysis of results of tests. In case of any issue during the system function, they provide technical support for POS help desk. 

All related software and hardware to the Point of Sale are deployed effectively for a smooth transaction. POS technician works together with the IT team to develop and modify systems to meet current and future needs. Maintenance requests are also supported for the customers on an ad hoc basis. 

They serve as a single point of contact of clients from Telecom, banking capital markets, retail, corporate and everything touched by financial services. 

Education & Certification 

In order to become a point of sale Technician (POS) Technician, you will need to have a minimum of high school diploma along with experience in the maintenance of system and network. Experience in POS software is an advantage for the career. 


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