PC Engineer

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PC Engineer

A PC Engineer specializes in all of the internal electronic components of personal computers. PC Engineers, at times referred to as hardware engineers, troubleshoot and test new designs of hardware as well as computer parts such as microchips, modems and other related components. They provide services and technical support to individual computer systems. In our digital age, PC Engineers remain essential to Telecom and IT departments.

They assemble, configure and maintain the hardware and software of personal and corporate computer systems. In an organization, PC Engineers are accountable for managing IT networks, the set-up of routers, installation of PC software and security system and providing tech support to both internal and external customers.

PC Engineers often work with PC’s internal and external along with a range of accessories such as printers, keyboards, modems, and routers. They help an organization or individuals increase productivity by ensuring zero downtime.

PC Engineers are experts in assembling, installation, and understanding the hardware and software of personal computer systems. In an organization, they are accountable for dealing the computer systems, fixing routers, wireless switches, resolves the fault. Security systems are evaluated along with the technical support to the department.

Job Description

With the rise of the digital era, engineers are much in demand. The world has become dependent on personal computers and electronics and engineers ensure computer uptime and connectivity.

As an engineer, you will be responsible for researching, designing, repairing, developing, and testing computer hardware and its equipment to ensure full functionality. Job responsibilities and positions vary as per the organization, company or client.

The primary duty of the engineer is to troubleshoot end-user technical issues. Usually, their responsibilities include installation of end-user desktop software and keeping the system up to date with updated security software.

The Engineer Performs the Following Essential Duties:

  • They handle user tickets for computer peripherals, software, and network.
  • Assists and educates internal and external stakeholders to ensure successful computing.
  • Diagnoses and fixes technical problems.
  • To perform remote troubleshooting for distant client systems.
  • Designs and tests the computer system for better client experience.
  • Provides tailored support for computer applications to meet user needs.
  • To maintain technical and solutions log sheets.
  • Follows up with clients to ensure their systems are functional.
  • To create technical documentation and user manuals.

Educational Requirements

Employers require a bachelor degree in computer science, electronics or related disciplines. Apart from an essential degree in computer science, you can add value to your career by earning a certification. This enables you to stand out among other candidates.


Certifications and skills can help increase your earnings, and it sets you different from the race and helps you secure promotions in the current role. A study from global knowledge found that 83% percent of IT experts in the U.S. and Canada hold an IT certification. You will need to get certified in the following areas of computer science which will help for a better future: Security, Hardware, networking, and virtualization.

Skills Required

The PC Engineers are the experts in the details of PC hardware and software. They must know about the system issue and take help of previous cases to fix when issue arise. At times, some PC Engineers travel to different areas to deliver technical support to businesses and customers. They upgrade and install hardware, fix internal problems, and set new security measures.

For this purpose, they require a brilliant understanding of the PC system and related devices. Along with the above prerequisite common set of properties are also required like good communication and excellent customer service skills.


As per indeed salary estimate, the average salary for a Computer Engineer averages $77,223 per annum in the United States. Demand for PC Engineers in the global marketplace remains steady, especially in the Telecom and IT sectors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the expected growth rate ranges around 3% until 2024 and may increase as per market demand. Working as a freelancer can provide multiple career options as well.

Career and Economic Outlook

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the computer hardware & software engineering occupations are likely to grow by about 3% between 2014 and 2024 which is quite good.

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