Outside Technician Line Worker

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Outside Technician Line Worker

Companies view the Outside Technician Line Worker as a professional technician tasked with the installation, removal, and readjustment of outside plant facilities. A line worker generally performs outdoor installation and maintenance jobs. The line technician connects wires and cables to terminals. They assemble or detach different types of wire to equipment and poles.

The Technician carries out building work, such as channeling holes, readjusting utility poles, placing cable, unreeling and dragging winding wire and cable from pole to pole. In the telecom arena, an Outside Line Tech plays a vital role in the completion of the assigned projects either in-house or at the designated field. They collaborate with government bodies as well as business clients in their ongoing telecom projects.

Job Description

The job description of outside line technician varies from one organization to other. However, the nature of the job remains the same. The line workers remain the backbone of the telecom industries. Businesses rely heavily on both freelancers and full-time line technicians.

The technicians are involved in fitting, exclusion, and reordering outside plant services. Technicians link wires and cables to workstations and attach or disengage several types of hardware to system, wires, cables, and poles. The Lineworker sometimes works in severe climatic conditions like rain, freezing conditions, extreme heat, and snow. In fact, the poorer the weather, the extra work there generally is to complete.

In the lifeless situation of winter in the aftermath of a snowstorm, while everyone waits at home for power to be reestablished, linemen are in the air fixing downed power cables to make it come back normal. At times the technician climbs poles and ladders, to eliminate and rearrange devices.

Job Description

The standard job responsibilities of an outside technician line worker encompass the following job responsibilities for an organization:

  • To rearrange outside plant wires in blocks, offices, poles, factories and underground or aerial set-ups as well as all related hardware or fixtures
  • To connect wires and cables to stations and rearrange different types of hardware to wires, cables, building or poles
  • To interpret assigned engineering work orders
  • To perform construction work, such as the placement of poles, using allocated equipment
  • To operate organizational vehicles for the transportation of required equipment as required
  • To provide effective pole work without compromising safety as required for the repair work
  • To operate power equipment such as chainsaws, winches and hydraulic equipment, such as aerial lifts-bucket, diggers-derricks on the truck along with all applicable hand tools
  • To load and unload tools and equipment onto trucks and trailers
  • To prepare reports and records for assigned maintenance or new installations on-demand

Education and Skills

In order to become successful outside Line Tech, you will need to possess a high school diploma in computer science, a telecom diploma and related skillset to perform required tasks.

You should have a valid driving license with a satisfactory driving record. An A or B class CDL provides an added advantage.

Physical Safety

The outside line technicians must be in sound physical condition to complete their jobs even in extreme weathers working in teams. A technician can work at the tower for an entire day when the maintenances work is going on, and should still have the strength and the energy to make it safely back to the ground after completion. It becomes even tougher, by the weight of tools and replacement equipment, which can add an extra 90 pounds to his load.


As per paysa, the salary of an Outside Tech Line Worker averages $57,253 per year. However, as a freelancer in this field, work may provide a welcome career boost.

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