NOC Support Engineer

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Introduction to NOC Support Engineer

A Network Operations Center (NOC) Support Engineer is the first point of contact for any technical support queries that an end user or clients of an organization have. A NOC Support Engineer also has the responsibility of maintaining the efficiency, performance, and availability of network-related systems and infrastructure that a company utilizes for their day-to-day operations.

A NOC Support Engineer will typically handle support calls and tickets from their clients, attempting to resolve problems as quickly as possible. If an issue cannot be resolved over the phone or via a support chat, then the issue can be escalated to their seniors who will coordinate with vendors on complex issues to ensure that they are resolved as soon as possible. During this process, the NOC Support Engineer will continue to monitor the situation to ensure the root cause is discovered, solved and then reported to ensure that future issues can be fixed as swiftly as possible.

Another role of a NOC Support Engineer is to lead and promote innovative new technologies and products that can improve the efficiencies of their client while staying as cost-effective as possible and without deviating too far from already-established practices and procedures that the client may be using.

Daily tasks for a NOC Support Engineer can include supporting the daily operations of the organization, monitoring security hardware and software, backing up business-critical data, performing routine updates on hardware and software, configuring and optimizing servers and dealing with emergency issues such as critical system updates. Ultimately, a NOC Support Engineer is expected to work flexible hours and under stressful conditions while receiving minimal supervision or guidance.

Job Description & Responsibilities

NOC Support Engineers are responsible for reacting to risky network-related threats and events that an organization can face. This is achieved through direct interaction with the company and its network solutions or by escalating the issue to a specialized field engineer.

In most cases, a NOC Support Engineer will be monitoring large and complex computer networks and servers for issues. This is often carried out in a central location where they have remote access to distant servers and communication lines to relevant field engineers and operatives that can carry out advanced work in the event that the NOC Support Engineer cannot solve an issue presented by a client.

To summarize, here are the main responsibilities of a NOC Support Engineer:

  • Monitor network systems for performance issues and find ways to optimize a computer system by utilizing a variety of software and hardware tools.
  • Troubleshoot issues presented by clients over a variety of contact methods. If a solution cannot be found or if the issue is outside the scope of the NOC Support Engineer, the problem is escalated to third-party vendors, field engineers or other relevant teams.
  • Track and report on all issues with full documentation to increase the knowledge base of the NOC Support Engineer and all relevant staff members so that future issues are resolved more efficiently.
Educational Qualifications & Certifications

Educational Qualifications & Certifications

NOC Support Engineers are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related discipline. If the candidate also possesses a certification as a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) or a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), then more prospects will be open. Knowledge in network protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP and FTP, and familiarity of VoIP software that is commonly used in the industry can also be a bonus that should be added to a resume.

Skills & Job Outlook

NOC Support Engineer jobs are among the expected 11% rise in computer support specialist positions during the period of 2016 to 2026 as per BLS. As more organizations acquire and upgrade their existing technology solutions, demand for support services will increase to keep those systems running optimally.


According to Indeed, a NOC Support Engineer earns on average $49,075 per annum in the United States, but this figure doesn’t include the potential freelancing opportunities available. Freelance NOC Support Engineers have the advantage of being able to set their own value according to their skills and experience and have the opportunity to ascend to managerial positions within IT departments and raise their potential income.

Advantages of being a freelance NOC Support Engineer

NOC Support Engineer roles are mostly being outsourced now especially by small and medium-sized businesses that do not have the funds for a dedicated employee. This has opened up many opportunities for freelancers which you can take advantage of with Field Engineer.

How Field Engineer Can Help

If you’re interested in becoming a freelance NOC Support Engineer, then Field Engineer can provide you with a platform to connect with employers all over the world. With more than 40,000 engineers registered to Field Engineer in over 180 countries, Field Engineer is the most comprehensive online talent marketplace for qualified freelancers. Sign up today for free!

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