Network Software Engineer

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Network Software Engineer Job Qualifications and Responsibilities

As the tech industry continues to grow, it offers endless varied and rewarding career opportunities. In the field of network engineering, in particular, there are numerous specialisms which allow you to use your talents to showcase your abilities as you work your way to the top.

What is A Networking Software Engineer?

A networking software engineer specializes in designing, building and installing software for existing or new networks and infrastructures. Often, organizations require bespoke software solutions. By writing and creating these platforms, networking software engineers allow organizations to operate more efficiently, maximize their productivity and function securely.

Networking Software Engineer Education Qualifications

The majority of network engineer software roles require applicants to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. However, you can pursue a career as a software engineer without an undergrad degree, providing you have the technical knowledge and practical experience to perform the role.

If you want to secure a position as a lead or principal networking software engineer, it may be advantageous to undertake a further qualification, such as a Master of Business Administration.

In addition to this, many networking software engineers undertake professional qualifications with specific vendors. As network software engineers are critical to the telecoms industry, many companies within this sector provide bespoke training solutions. You may want to become proficient in Ericsson network engineer software, for example.

Networking Software Engineer Required Skills

The role of a networking software engineer encompasses many areas, so you’ll need to have a wide variety of skills in order to be successful in your chosen career. Required skills include:

  • Analytical skills to determine how existing software can be enhanced
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • In-depth knowledge of network engineer software tools and coding languages
  • Good written and verbal communication skills

Networking Software Engineer Responsibilities

As a software defined network engineer, your responsibilities will depend on your specific role. In general, however, the responsibilities of a network software engineer include:

  • Designing custom software solutions
  • Building and installing networking software
  • Analyzing existing networking software and identifying areas for improvement
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations
  • Implementing effective security measures
  • Documenting methodologies
  • Reporting to clients, supervisors and/or shareholders
  • Training users in new software
Network Software Engineer

How to Become a Network Software Engineer

Most networking software engineers begin their careers by completing a relevant undergraduate degree before applying for entry-level positions. Gaining broader experience in the IT industry may be necessary before you can secure a networking software engineer entry-level position.

Once you’ve obtained practical experience within the sector, you’ll be able to focus on your specialism and begin to develop your real-life networking software engineering skills. At the same time, you may choose to formalize your experience by completing professional networking software programs from reputable vendors. These significantly increase your employability and can make it far easier to progress.

Although you may begin your career as an employed networking software engineer, you don’t have to remain an employee in order to excel in the industry. Launching a career as a freelance network software engineer can be extremely rewarding, particularly if you want to set your own work schedule and focus on projects and areas that interest you.

At Field Engineer, we make it easier for IT professionals and network engineers to launch their freelance careers. Our unique platform connects engineers with prospective clients and provides secure communications facilities to discuss upcoming project requirements. In addition to this, the Field Engineer site allows clients to monitor projects as they’re on-going and ensures that engineers can provide regular updates and liaise with clients as needed.

To learn more about the benefits of building a career as a freelance networking software engineer, sign up to Field Engineer now!

Network Software Engineer Salaries

If you choose to become a network software engineer, you can enjoy an average salary of around $109,829. Of course, you will need to gain experience in your chosen specialism before you can command such a high remuneration package. Entry-level positions typically offer a salary that’s slightly lower than the average, but you have the option to climb the career ladder quickly if you develop your skills further and gain meaningful experience.

If you want to increase your network software engineer salary, you may want to supplement your income by working as a freelance professional or setting up your own company. With the option to work on high-value projects or work the hours you choose, the sky really is the limit when you build your career on your own terms.

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