Network Planning Analyst

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Network Planning Analyst

A network planning analyst analyses, plans, and assesses network systems. The individual provides documentation and reports to the management. Analysts provide planned and strategic input on the overall network planning and projects related to it. They perform various network management services concerning the operation of telecommunications networks. Analysts create and deploy future designs. They write code and build systems for automating the daily network operations.

Analysts should stay abreast with the latest developments in technologies, approaches, and practices.  They collaborate with network engineers and other IT professionals for maintaining all software, hardware, and computer systems peripherals.

Analysts maintain and monitor servers, workstations and connectivity devices. They must be prepared to work in various types of environments and climates. They should be ready to put in flexible hours. Analysts must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills. They need to have strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Analysts would be required lift weights of up to 50 pounds.  

Job Description

Analysts monitor the purchase, installation, and upkeep of network communications. They need to work on different types of issues. Analysts evaluate the existing system on a regular basis. They should have extensive knowledge of networks and applications. Analysts guide their less experienced counterparts.

They work with their team members to identify possible problems and areas that need improvement in the existing network infrastructure. Analysts evaluate, configure, and fix network infrastructure and services of their organization, such as routers, switches, LAN/WAN and wireless/wired systems. They need to be able to explain intricate problems concisely to the management.

Analysts multitask and prioritize issues as per business requirements. They help in developing technical standards, identifying and diagnosing new products, and troubleshooting issues. Analysts assess and recognize opportunities for network performance and improving service offerings. They stick to change control policies and courses of action.

Analysts continuously interact with the information technology team to make sure that they are familiar with the network support responsibilities. They are continuously in touch with IT and other teams to ensure that they are catering to customers’ needs.

Furthermore, analysts deploy and monitor network security. They develop and implement file servers and cloud computing solutions. Analysts resolve issues of network systems and optimize them. They construct and implement telephone and VOIP solutions. Analysts install, maintain, fix and support client’s computer systems, peripherals, and their network.


Job opportunities for computer network architects are expected to increase six percent during the period 2016-2026, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). They will be in demand, as enterprises will continue to grow their information technology networks going forward.

Educational Qualifications and Other Requirements

Network planning analyst should have an associate degree in information technology or a related discipline or equivalent number years of work experience after high school. They should have sufficient experience in the network/telecom field is necessary. A certification from Cisco, Microsoft or Juniper would be a big plus.


The average salary of a Network Planning Analyst per year in the United States is $63,180, according to On the other hand, freelancers can earn $30 per hour.

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