Network Management Control Technicians

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Network Management Control Technicians

Network Management Control Technicians or Network Control Technicians provide the first line of support for clients and responds to calls from people who report issues to a network operations center (NOC). They create tickets for these problems and commence efforts to resolve them.

Technicians log calls and conduct initial analyses into network issues for which tickets have been raised. They direct clients’ calls to relevant engineering level support and isolate existing or possible problems in the system network.

Network Management Control Technicians need to be skillful at customer service and should possess experience in troubleshooting. They should be capable of taking responsibility for issues until they are finally fixed.

It is imperative for technicians to have excellent written and verbal communication skills. They should have excellent interactive and presentation skills.  

Technicians should be ready to work flexible hours and be prepared to report at the beck and call. It is imperative for them to be good team players.

Technicians need to have adept analytical and problem-solving skills. They need to be good at multitasking.

Job Description

Network Management Control Technicians proactively monitor and maintain telecommunications networks. They resolve network systems’ issues and improve and upgrade them so that it is optimally available at all times.

Technicians maintain the local area networks (LANs), including monitoring them daily for system failures. They execute data backups on a daily basis and keep tabs on network performance round-the-clock.

Network Control Technicians evaluate wiring problems and fix them. They monitor and maintain the reliability of the organization/clients telecommunication network, including analog and digital microwave, VSat, PL, and DSL, among others.

Technicians make use of software and hardware tools, such as Cisco, Juniper, Solarwinds, NEC, CW2K, Nortel, etc. to identify, assess and troubleshoot issues and detect causes disturbing network integrity. They regularly carry out testing and evaluation of all aspects of telecom network to incorporate voice, data, SCADA, and video.

Technicians apply resolution skills and fragment complex issues into separate easily intelligible components. They interact on a regular basis directly with clients, vendors, network engineers, and field engineers to ensure smooth network administration.  

It is the responsibility of the freelance Network Management Control Technicians to effectually and accurately document network problems using existing issues resolution ticketing system. They need to take ownership for smooth changeovers of shifts through written and oral communication.

By diagnosing current procedures, technicians should ensure continuous improvement. They maintain existing and accurate coordinates of field technicians with their team leaders and other senior members of their organization.

Technicians need to handle people hailing from different backgrounds with diplomacy, civility, and professionalism. They need to be good listeners so that they do not miss out any important issues reported by team members/clients.

Technicians need to set an example by maintaining regular attendance and performing commendably. Their work ethic should ensure the safety of employees and organization’s properties.

Above all, technicians should prioritize work properly. They should strictly adhere to timelines.    

Technicians support the remote installation of different types of hardware and software. They determine if any additional resources are required depending on the severity of issues. They deploy solutions to reduce downtimes or other problems affecting network performance.  

Technicians participate with the network, security, engineering teams, and system administrators to ensure information technology’s quality and integrity. They provide support for thorough testing of computer systems.

Educational Qualifications and Other Requirements

Network Management Control Technicians should have a bachelor’s or an associate degree in a telecommunications field and have to be well-versed with voice, video, data, and SCADA network components. They need to be competent in Microsoft applications (Word, Outlook, and Excel) to be able to use word processors, to retrieve information, and to work on spreadsheets.


Job opportunities for computer systems and network technicians are expected to increase six percent during the period 2016-2026, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Their requirement would be high because enterprises will invest more in emerging technology in the near future.


The average wage of a Network Management Control Technician is $53,981 per year in the United States, according to Payscale. Professionals wishing to freelance can expect $20.71 per hour.

The Role of Field Engineer

The Role of Field Engineer

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