Network Field Engineer

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Network Field Engineer


The Network Field Engineer make sure the uprightness of communication networks by execution of on-site work. They perform various duties such as designing system alignment, implementing new technical solutions, ruling ways to take full advantage of network performance.  Apart from that, they troubleshoot network issues and outages, setting up upgrades, and probing network faults are often seen as Network Field Engineer’s responsibilities.

Field Engineers are extremely skilled in the continuance of the connectivity of networks regarding voice, data, videos, calls and wireless network service area. They are responsible for framing, executing and implementing the wholeness of computer networks within an establishment. The engineers falling under these groups make sure that all the systems of a site are operative properly as desired. The vital goal of a Network Field Engineer is to provide maximum network infrastructure, security and performance to the system end users.

Clients across the globe have different requirements basis which the business will sometimes have global Network Field Engineers across countries who take care of technological improvements throughout the company. This transnational web of engineers shows cost-effective for the organization’s site while also meeting requirements for users and the business.  At times, they are also known as network architects and network engineers.

Job Description & Responsibilities

Most of the businesses have a different set of responsibilities at site depending upon the nature of work in today’s top technology companies. They implement duties in support of network extension to make sure new and upgraded devices is operating to meet performance benchmarks within set timelines.

They perform widespread research to identify the issues that the client is facing and then develop suitable solutions for them. They Provide network solutions related to the installation and validation of the designated site of an organization.

The Network Field Engineer delivers both onsite and offsite IT support and consultation for businesses in a wide range of various businesses. They evaluate client systems for security, stability, and performance and ensures necessary approvals. Proactively engineers involve in every chance to ensure prompt and efficient technology solutions for the client’s site.

Following are the key responsibilities of a typical Network Field Engineer:

  • To install, execute integration and offer support to all desktop based and server assisted technology.
  • To manage with customers and implement network solution to resolve all application problems and maintain relationships at client’s site plus networking system
  • They should have a fair knowledge of network setups like knowledge of LAN, WAN, VLAN, Wi-Fi, router installation, and ISP broadband
  • They should help in setting up the network structure while commissioning of the sites patching in the parenting sites
  • To install, repair and upgrade all network set-up and deliver technical and onsite support
  • To maintain the quality of services and perform precautionary maintenance
  • To manage new installed tools and software into product making and promoting framework
  • They should deliver backup to NOC and manage operating field groups through upgrades
  • Engineers should provide support and practical backup to protect network infrastructures
  • To monitor and resolve all consumer trouble ticket process as required
  • To resolve all complex technical initiation while performing the network set-up
  • To provide support to all IT subdivision on the regional source and make sure about its growth
  • To perform the documentation specific reports for repairing causes of networking problems and assess the same
Network Field Engineer

Education & Certification

To be successful in this field, you will need to have an essential degree in computer science, IT, network technologies or a related field. A certification will add value to you as a professional.

There are several certifications which are beneficial for present Network Engineer engaged with ongoing training. However, following are the best certifications for Network Field Engineer:

Education & Certification

Skills & Job Outlook

As we know the Network Field Engineers house at the heart of the infrastructure, they are now essential to have a profound understanding of the applications and data flow across the network. With technologies like robotics, automation, and SDN, the networks of today are custom-made around the critical applications running across them. Hence, engineers should be able to know application priority, traffic flows, and other related policy to optimize data transfer through the networks.

In conclusion, security will play a collective part in the regular responsibilities of the network field engineer. The security is no longer a postscript, but it is the first step in any project. Network Field Engineers research, analyze and suggest strategies for network architecture and expansion. They are also accountable for installing, managing, maintaining and constructing network hardware and software, as well as monitoring and optimizing the performance of central network systems and providing user support when required.


As per Paysa, the average salary of Network Field Engineer is around $93,948 per annum depending on experiences in the United States.  Besides full-time in-house roles, freelancing can be just lucrative, with many teams looking to incorporate Network Engineers to provide their services to a growing marketing in enterprise-level business

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